Team 9 Update

March 18-29

At JCMS, we know that helping our students achieve success is a group effort. We appreciate all the family support that helps us help our students. In an effort to create a bridge between home and school, Team 9 will be using Smore to create newsletters to keep you informed of team happenings, school events, policies, and news of interest.

Upcoming Events

Monday, 3/18

  • After School Tutoring
  • Golf Practice Starts

Tuesday, 3/19-

  • After School Tutoring

Wednesday, 3/20-

  • After School Tutoring

Thursday, 3/21-

  • After School Tutoring

Friday, 3/22-

Monday, 3/25

  • After School Tutoring

Tuesday, 3/26-

  • After School Tutoring

Wednesday, 3/27-

  • After School Tutoring

Thursday, 3/28-

  • After School Tutoring

Friday, 3/29-

*End of 6 weeks- April 5th

What's Happening in Class?

Language Arts- Mrs. Murphy

Starting next week in Language Arts, students will be reading Feed by M.T. Anderson. This futuristic, dystopian novel will help us explore our big Unit 3 Essential Question even further: "What role should ethical considerations play in the advancement of technology?" Talk to your student about this text at home!

Please feel free to e-mail me at any time with any questions or concerns. I am happy to help!

Mrs. Murphy

Science-Mr. Hastings

Hello All!

Thanks for checking into team nine.

We have started to get into some deep waters. After studying genetics we dove into DNA and protein synthesis. These concepts have been difficult for students historically, but we seem to be grasping it pretty well. Now we are studying mutations and how they throw a wrench into the protein synthesis process.

Next week we will take the state science assessment and then, celebrate being done with that!

Possible questions to ask your student:

Do you think that you have any mutations?

Should we be worried about our mutations?

How is your movie poster coming along?

Here to serve,

Mr. Hastings

Math- Mrs. Williams

Hello, Team 9!

I hope you have all enjoyed Spring Break and the wonderful weather we have had this weekend. Come to school tomorrow ready to go as we continue learning about how to apply the Pythagorean Theorem to find distances and solve real world problems. We will have an assessment this week. Then we will start learning about circles, cylinders, spheres, and cones.

See weekly progress report for grade information.

Thank you for supporting your student! For questions or concerns, contact me at or 717-4419.

Tutor Times:

Tuesday- Lunch

Wednesday- 7:15AM

Friday- CAT & PACK

*afterschool by appointment

US History- Mr. Janner

This week in U.S. History, we are continuing how issues in the United States around the 1820's-1850's, all centered around slavery, lead to the Civil War. We have examined the Kansas-Nebraska Act, looked at how a U.S. senator was beaten with a cane for his anti-slavery speech, and next week, will focus on "Bleeding Kansas," the tragic prelude to the Civil War.

We have on approaching 80% about John Brown. Students will analyze primary and secondary sources in order to answer the question, "Was John Brown a patriot or a terrorist?" Other than that, most of our 80% assignments for this 6 weeks will be during our Civil War Unit, which will last about a month.

I look forward to seeing you at conferences in the next few weeks!