Wagner Act

Established July 5th 1935

Who did it help? What did it do?

  • The Wagner Act helped agriculture and domestic workers.
  • The Wagner Act established the legal right of most workers to organize or join labor unions and to bargain collectively with their employess

Relief? Recovery? Reform?

The Wagner Act falls under relief for workers because they are now allowed to have strikes and get benefits out of having strikes.

How does the Wagner Act help with our understanding of the Great Depression?

The Wagner Act helps us with the understanding of the Great Depression because it shows how important their opinions were in the work place during the Great Depression. It could cause unfair work practices and force people out of the job. Without the Wagner Act, it could cause the unemployment rate would increase.

Is it still around today?

Yes it is still around today but some things have changed, most of the employees in the Wagner Act still have the same jobs today.
The Wagner Act

The Wagner Act Video

  • Explains how the idea of the Wagner Act was thought of.
  • The law was unconstitutional at first.
  • Washington overruled it, and the Wagner Act was now approved.

How successful was the Wagner Act?

It was successful because the Union Membership grew rapidly causing the use of the Wagner Act to increase a lot.