My Year at a Glance

Lauren Rogers

About Me

My name is Lauren Rogers, I am sixteen years old and I go to Frenship High school. My favorite subjects are band, theater, and english. I am on the drumline during marching season and then during concert season I play the oboe. I have also been in over 20 musicals with my performing arts group. Acting and singing are one of the reasons why I am no longer shy or afraid to do anything.

Year at a glance

My year pretty much started in the last few weeks of summer, because of band. I thought my sophmore year was going to be tough and hard, but it was alot more easier than I expected. I went to every football game there was for frenship, even the playoffs.I kept a 89.5 grade average throught the year. I was also in  the schools production of White Christmas. I can not believe that my year is coming to a close. It was one of my best years of my life. 

Advice for upcoming Sophomores

My advice for the upcoming sophomores would have to be do not turn in late work the third week, or you will not be able to turn it in. I would not ask if you were going to watch a movie that day or that teacher might get even more work. Another thing to think of is, do not give sarcastic answers. Other than that, make the most memorable memories of your high school career!

My Dream Vacation

My dream vacation would have to be going to Hawaii with my friends. I will actually be fullfilling this dream in the summer of 2014. You might be asking why Hawaii? Well the only reason I want to go to Hawaii is because, I have heard so many things about Hawaii. The place that I am most excited about, is going to perform at Pearl Harbor. Our director told us that when a guy that was in the pearl harbor accident, and they survived, is that when they finally pass on , they can be buried under water with their fellow friends. Another thing that I am most excited about, is going snorkeling on this island that is called Secret Island.