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Mission: To create a community of learners empowered to collaborate and compete in a rapidly changing world.

Parent Engagement Survey

House Bill 5 of the 83rd Texas Legislative Session included a local evaluation requirement that is referred to as the School District Evaluation of Performance in Community and Student Engagement/Compliance. This report reflects input showcasing areas of excellence and success as well as recognizing areas in need of improvement, allowing schools to set future goals valued in the community. The statute requires each district to evaluate and designate a performance rating for the district and each of its campuses based on criteria set by a local committee (TEC 39.0545). The law requires that each district and each campus be assigned a rating of exemplary (E), recognized (R), acceptable (A) or unacceptable (U).

Please follow this link to complete the survey. We appreciate your input!

English: http://formscreator.pisd.edu/formhandler/parentalengagementpisd.aspx
Spanish: http://formscreator.pisd.edu/formhandler/parentalengagementpisdsp.aspx

Carter Bloodcare Results are in!







1st Year E-News By Alex Gonzalez

The First Year learners recently completed construction of their catapults. As many as 35 wooden catapults have been waiting patiently in the Fab Lab, to be used for their intended purpose: the launching of tennis balls. On Thursday, the First Years began testing their creations. Shooting from the far right end of the Fab Lab patio, over the fence, and into the grass behind the school. Many worked as designed, but some went above and beyond on the first test, going as far as 30 yards out into the parking lot. A League of Their Own is looking great for the First Years, and many subjects are starting to focus on the competition next Saturday, February 6th.
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2nd Year E-News By Jonathan Main

After months of laboring over their submarines, the Second Years went to Rowlinson Natatorium on Tuesday the 26th to compete. With custom built controllers in hand, they battled it out Beneath The Surface. Working together in small alliances, the eight subs in the water frantically aimed themselves at their targets and attempted to get them back to their alliance’s side. Losing their first round, the Cast Iron Skillets’ Alliance rallied and went on to win the whole competition, dragging themselves up from the loser’s bracket, beating every Alliance they were up against after their initial loss. The secret to their success seems to have been a small and highly maneuverable sub with excellent handling. Another team in the Cast Iron Skillets’ Alliance had clearly embraced the philosophy of “Go big or go home,” having constructed a colossal sub over 6 feet tall. Nicknamed The Titan, after a few rounds without successfully obtaining their target, they shifted their focus to using their sub as a wall to block opposing alliances. The Second Years next project, Quantum Leap, is just over the horizon.

The second year learners and facilitators would like to thank all our family and friends who came out to support us at the SIGMA Sub Challenges this past Tuesday!! The competition was fierce and a good time was had by all. You can see lots of pictures and videos by checking out our grade level hashtag, #pahs10, as well as on our project website at bit.ly/BTSAHS. There are also team showcases pages on the site sharing examples of the other missions from the project.

3rd Year E-News By David Yang

Third-Years are facing major deadlines in the next few days, as key early deliverables are subject to review. Facilitators are planning to introduce a schema next week for Third Years requiring learners who are behind in subjects to attend mandatory catch up seminars with their respective facilitators. There is a concern that individuals might miss crucial group work time if they attend mandatory seminars without teammates. Facilitators, however, recognize that junior year can be very stressful, especially in our content-rich curriculum, but are trying their hardest to give learners the motivation and the push they need to get their work done.

On the minds of many learners are two essays to be turned in the near future, a research paper concerning a presidential decision, and an additional essay for OnRamps Rhetoric learners concerning Gender Identity in modern America. Experts from across PISD and the community will review the second draft of the presidential research paper next week.

“My research paper is coming along good [sic],” comments Helena Walker,a Third Year, “I learned a lot about Truman as President and American foreign policy, like the Truman Doctrine.” As learners scramble to turn in papers this week, some groups are zoned out of other deliverables. “We are focusing on the essay right now, but there is a lot right now,” says Nathan, another Third Year.

In addition, learners planned out an engineering timeline for their decision rooms, an engaging and informative exhibit each group is required to complete as a final deliverable for the project.

4th Year E-News By Emily Ware

This week, Fourth Year learners have been steadily working towards their goal for the project “It’s Alive.” Many learners have enjoyed the increasing project time during the school day, and are not as overwhelmed with seminars as they were in past weeks. Across the floor, learners are scattered in separate areas, working on different projects. The assigned goal for the end of the project is “something that imitates life,” however many groups have taken a very liberal meaning to that assignment. Groups are working on robots, art projects, fake clouds, you name it, and they are probably working on it!

A spike in capstone project work has also been noticed in the past week. many learners have come to the realization that the end of March, the deadline for capstone projects, isn’t as far away as it originally seemed. College and career decisions are also on the rise, as many universities have deadlines this week and in the next few weeks. Senior year is as stressful as ever, but Fourth Year learners are handling it with grace.

Counselors Corner:

Colleges on Campus

February 23rd- Texas Colleges and Universities College Fair at lunch featuring over 15 Texas institutions.

February 26th- Lunch time college fair including: Louisiana Tech, Ohio State University, Purdue University, University of Kansas, University of Missouri , University of Pittsburgh

Plano Mayor’s Summer Internship Program

Interested in an 8 week paid internship program in a company or non-profit in Plano?

They will be looking for 50-100 interns.

The program is open to sophomores and juniors who will be 16 years old before June 13, have a GPA above 3.0, and a solid attendance record.

Flyers are available in the Counseling office or check out the website at www.planomayorsintern.org for more information.

Spring EOC Dates

The English I test date is March 29. All first years will take English I.

The English II test date is March 30. All second years will take English II.

All other EOC administrations will be the first week in May.

Thank you in advance for planning doctor visits, etc. around these dates.

AP Tests

If your learner is planning on taking an AP exam this spring, payment for AP Tests is due by February 26th.

Payment can be made in cash or through Paypams.

Below are the instructions:

· Payment for AP exams can be made by check or through PayPAMS.

Payment by check : Give to Mrs. Parker in the Counseling office

-Checks should be made out to Plano Academy High School.

-Each AP exam is $92.

-In the memo line, please write your students name and ID number.

Payment by PayPAMS:

Go to https://paypams.com/HomePage.aspx

-Login to your current account

-On the main menu, look for: AP Test – Plano Academy High School

You will choose either “high school” for 1st 2nd years

“senior high school” for 3rd years

-Choose every exam for which you are preparing

-The total payment will be calculated by paypams.

-A $3.00 fee has been added to each test in order to use PayPAMS.

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Calling all Titan Volunteers! Feb 5 at 8:30 in the dome Breakfast will be served in your honor. Meet Principal Ojeda and enjoy treats made by the Titan Staff just for our wonderful Volunteers!
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3rd & 4th Years~ we need your help! Volunteer for the Dress for Success Fashion Show!

Sign up to participate and walk the runway here:


Upcoming College Fairs! Feb. 23rd and Feb. 26th:

We will welcome a number of state colleges and universities for all of our learners to access during lunch on 2/23!

On 2/26, we will welcome a number of national schools for our learners to access during lunch including Louisiana Tech, Ohio State University, Purdue University, University of Kansas, University of Missouri , and University of Pittsburgh!

Save the Date!

  • 3rd Years Ring Ceremony - 2/23 @ 7:00 pm, kiddos arrive at 6:30 to get in line for the event.
  • New Titan Night - 2/25 @ 6:30 We will welcome our incoming Titans and Parents, engage in team-building, and share talking points.
  • Junior Senior Prom ~ we will need PTSA parent chaperones to help! Prom is on Saturday, May 14th from 7pm to midnight at the Plano Marriott Legacy Town Center. After prom is from midnight to 6:00 am at Pin Stack.
  • Drug and Alcohol Prevention Information:

    Did you know that PISD has a Substance Abuse Prevention website? Here is the link, http://k12.pisd.edu/substance-abuse-prevention be sure to check out the videos linked on the home page and the excellent informational websites linked on the “Resources” page.