The Scientific Revolution

Brought new ideas in physics, astronomy, biology and anatomy

What is the change?

The Scientific Revolution made people question whether planets revolve around earth or if they revolve around the sun.

Thinkers and Scientists and Christians

  • Thinkers were associated with the Scientific Revolution, these were people who used logic and scientific methods to find answers to questions.
  • Scientists, much like thinkers were also a part of this revolution, Nicolas Copernicus was the first to ever question the Geocentric Theory and come up with the Heliocentric Theory.
  • Christians were againts this Heliocentric Theory because it made people doubt the power of the church.

Impacts At The Time

The Scientific Revolution changed society intellectually, religiously and economically. This revolution got people to question and think about things they never thought deeply about before. Also, society became secular, which means they had no religious or spiritual activity. Economically, society was doing great due to new technological discoveries made by the scientists.

Impacts in modern society

This change, helped build and create Newton and Boyle's laws of motion. The work of all these people made it possible to create new technology and natural sciences today. For instance, it is easier to create an effective medical substance out of natural resources now days because of all the laws developed and tested during these times.

By: Ivania Lagunes