Cardinal Library

Newsday Tuesday, January 27. 2015

New non-fiction titles

Teachers will be asking you to do some research while you are at Dodge City Middle School and we like to keep resources for you that are connected to both historical and more recent events. So here are three sets of books that might be of value to you.
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This is the first of the Cardinal Challenges that we will be posting to the newsletter. You need to figure out the answer to the question, come to the library before next Tuesday and fill out one of the challenge forms. A winner will be selected from the correct answers and will be given a prize. They will then be entered into the grand prize drawings at the end of the year. Keep checking the newsletters for questions. The more times you win the more chances you will have in the final drawings.

Challenge # 1

How many titles do we have in ebook format by the author Rick Riordan?