Week 1: Introduction to Dance

Welcome to Citydance!

This week we welcomed nearly 350 third grade students from Boston Public Schools into our studios for the very first time! We've been running the Citydance program for over 25 years, but we've never seen such a fantastic, excited, and engaged group of students.

After arriving on buses to the studios, students were fitted for their dance uniform and shoes. We had a lot of fun learning studio etiquette, getting warmed up with a couple of movement exercises, and creating community contracts together. We set our learning goals together and got to know each other through movement games.

This Week in Dance Discovery: Introduction

This week was all about getting our students warmed up and ready to learn over the course of the next eight weeks! Get a glimpse of this week's lessons, and watch students from the Adams, Otis, Umana, Ellis, and Higginson Lewis schools warm up with Ms. Melissa in Studio 1!
Citydance Week 1

This Week in Ballet: Introduction

This week, students got their first ballet lesson from their ballet instructor Jean Appolon! They learned about ballet attire, arm positions, and listening for musical cues from their accompanist. Read below to learn more about Jean.
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Meet our Team

Jean Appolon

Jean Appolon will be returning for his 5th year at Citydance. He will be our student ballet instructor for the next 8 weeks, as well as the Hatian dance instructor week 7.

In addition to teaching for Citydance, Jean is the Co-founder and Artistic Director of Jean Appolon Expressions (JAE), a successful choreographer and master teacher based in Boston and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Appolon received his earliest training and performance opportunities in Port-au-Prince with the Viviane Gauthier Dance Company and the Folkloric Ballet of Haiti.

Appolon continued his dance education in the U.S. at the Harvard and Radcliffe Dance Program (1995-1996, Boston, MA), Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (1996-1998, New York, NY) and the Joffrey American Ballet School (1998-2003, New York, NY), where he graduated with a B.A. from a joint degree program offered by The New School. In addition to the companies and schools listed above, Appolon has also performed with Elma Lewis Productions (Black Nativity), Marlene Silva, North Star Ballet Company (Fairbanks, AK), Black Door Dance Company (Miami, FL), and the Atlantic City Ballet Company.

See you next Week!

Our Friday classes might have been snowed out, but we are excited for classes to resume next week! In week 2, students will begin learning the basic of Ballet and explore Modern Dance with Jamie Brege in their Dance Discovery class.

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