by Darius Hurst - Rodney

Que es un Quinceañera

A Quinceanera is a Spanish version of sweet 16 with allot more thought put into it. It is a right of passage that every girl has to go through when they turn 15. It consist of several symbolic procedures and it comes from a tradition from the Mayans.

Para Preparar La Quinceanera

Before the party allot of preparation is done an entire year in advance. The first thing to do is select God parents then the colors and themes. Then contact the Priest of your church.


Parents must budget to be able to afford the party and make sure everything needed is included.


Guest will dress up in all formal attire.

Parents and God parents will also dress up in formal attire.

El corte de honor will be color cordinated in formal attire.

The quinceañera will wear a long nice dress.

Día de la fiesta de quince años

  • During the ceremony the priest will give the Quinceañera a bible covered in satin and talk about the importance of God in the young lady's life
  • The Quinceañera will have a flower bouquet that she will leave at the altar as an offering to her parents.
  • She will wear a Tiara that is symbolic of her being a princess and child of God.
  • The Quinceañera will give a doll to her little sister to symbolize the end of childhood.
  • The Quinceañera will dance with her father during the ceremony.


  • Believed to come from the the colonization by the Spaniards.
  • However the Inca, Aztecs, Maya, and Toltec separated females at a certain age to be educated alone based upon the the role they would have in society.
  • At the end of their training a big ceremony was held in their honor


  • Hola te gustaría venir a mi fiesta de quince años
  • sí, cuando es
  • 31 de mayo
  • bien voy a estar allí
  • ¡gracias
  • su bienvenida , adios


Los padrinos y los padres de la quinceañera

The most important part of the party because they create the party and play special roles in the ceremony.