December 2015

Holiday Ideas:

If you are interested in sending home some ideas for parents to do with their children over the holidays, here are a few ideas:

Greg Tang’s math site has a variety of math games for students:

And from Tech4Learning:

Send Wixie home for the holidays
Since students can access Wixie from home, reconnect with parents about this educational resource they can use at home over the holidays. You can find a sample "Letter to Parents" in the Wixie Training tab in English, Spanish, and French. You might also share the link to the Parent Guides for Wixie.

STAT School Visit

Kathy and I got to visit Hawthorne Lighthouse school during our STAT Cohort meeting. We saw some great ideas for promoting student engagement in accountable talk/peer conversations to support CCRS for Speaking and Listening. I've posted some pics below.

A Reminder:

Remember that the Office of Digital Technology strongly recommends that you never give anyone access to your log in credentials. When planning for substitutes, it is recommended that you leave plans that require minimal use of technology (think "old school"). A student in the primary grades can put his/her device on the docking station and log in using his/her credentials. This would allow projection of student accessible sites as well as projection of student work.
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Speaking of Formative Assessment...

Help students answer these three questions:

*Where am I going?

*Where am I now?

*How can I close the gap?

From article on ASCD website:

This article highlights formative vs summative assessments, valuable formative assessment practices, and the importance of descriptive feedback.

Growth Mindset

Here's a nice visual reminder for students:

Calendar Info

Monday, December 14: AESA Meeting/Verletta's Visit

Wednesday, January 6: GLMs for Grades K and 5

Thursday, January 7: GLMs for Grades 1 and 2

Wednesday, January 13: GLMs for Grades 3 and 4

(Winter Holiday is getting closer! Where's the snow???)

Sites to Bookmark

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