Video Game Developer

---Cassandra Valladares---

Videogame Designing in a nuttshell

In general, you help produce entertainment for people worldwide for all ages. You are part of a team that collaborates and listens; to each other and the consumers. You are in a company that thrives, creating digital art or soon to be games.

Growth and Decline

Over the previous years, the rate has been decreasing. An average of 5.39 percent drop annually. As technology develops a wider rage of entertainment, a demand by the masses grows. More and more designers are needed for hire. We estimate that by the year 2018, a projected growth of employment would be about 17,000.
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Yearly Annual Salary

Average Video Game Designer Yearly Salary in the United States. Video Game Designers earn a median salary of $85,240 per year. Salaries typically start from $45,320 and go up to $129,700.


The education can go to different levels

-High school (Game Tester)

-College (Graphic Animation Major)

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