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4th Quarter Newsletter - April 2017

From Our Fearless Leader - Robb Thompson

May 5, 2017

Dear Boise Braves:

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying a taste of the summer weather that we have enjoyed the last few days. Although we still have a month remaining until the last day of school, the 2016-17 school year is inevitably nearing its end. Our seniors have just ten days with us now, and as they should be, their thoughts are turning towards their future plans and adventures. Our sophomores and juniors are also making plans for summer work and fun; looking toward what comes next for them at Boise High School. The Faculty and Staff are working hard to finish the school year strong, but they too are taking time to reflect, learn and plan in preparation for 2017-2018 school year. As educators we commit ourselves to this annual cycle of preparation, emotion, and the joy of watching our charges learn, grow and eventually leave. Each year brings new excitement, familiar routines, and the realization that there is a distinct beginning and a definite end.

As we pause to wish our seniors well as they head off to the next phase, we’re welcoming our incoming sophomores; and as we say good-bye to colleagues whose distinguished careers at Boise High draw to a close, we meet new teachers who are excited to have the privilege and opportunity for a career at Boise High. We honor the following Boise High Faculty members who are embarking on a different phase in the life; Court Hanson (College and Career Counselor), who is retiring after many years spent working with our most valued resource, the students of Boise High. Additionally, we bid farewell to Cathy Doherty (School Psychologist), who is taking her talents to other schools in the Boise School District. To Court and Cathy we say good luck and thank you so much for your service and tireless example of what it means to be an educator. You will be greatly and sincerely missed.

Our spring sports are all just winding down and we’re hopeful for a strong representation at the upcoming district and state tournaments. We are currently enjoying the magic of the Once Acts, presented by the Washington Street Players. Our music programs are all preparing for their final concerts of the school year, at which they will honor the seniors one last time. Monday (May 1st) night senior art students displayed their work at our Annual Art Show. So far our National Merit Scholars, Rotary Century Scholars and Mayors’ Award recipients have been honored, and the recipients of all of the Boise High Memorial Scholarships will be acknowledged at a reception on May 8th. Our second annual Heart of the Brave Assembly, honoring many students for outstanding achievements in academics, service, and character was held on April 28th and was very well received by the students, faculty and all in attendance. And our Prom, held last Saturday at the Boise Depot was a joyous occasion and successful event for all who attended (700 students and guests).

In addition to a lot of activities, this is the time of year with a lot of tests. We completed another very successful SAT day in which we tested over 510 juniors. Sophomores have just completed their ISAT and SBAC testing. Right now the students in Advanced Placement classes are taking their exams, undoubtedly with a great deal of success. This year 751 Boise High students are in the process of taking 1,686 Advanced Placement exams, which will be instrumental in attaining another high ranking by the Washington Post. We have just received recognition from our Superintendent, Dr. Coberly, that Boise High has been ranked 613 of 30,000 schools in the nation. We appreciate the hard work of our staff to encourage students to take challenging classes and to support them in their efforts. We are also quite busy preparing for construction with the remodel of our 1936 gymnasium and our performing arts center, which is set to begin the first week of June. Thanks to all who voted and worked so hard on the School Bond Election Issue in March!

With graduation less than a month away, this will be a frenzied and emotion filled time for our seniors. We will send them off with a beautiful ceremony that we hope they will remember warmly for the rest of their lives. We must count on the cooperation of family members to make sure that the ceremony is equally memorable for each and every one of our seniors. For that reason, we ask you please to express your joy in ways that do not keep other families from expressing theirs. Each student is on the stage for a matter of seconds, so please let each family have the opportunity to hear their senior’s name and to watch their graduate receive the well-earned diploma.

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff, I would like to thank our Brave Parents who have provided tremendous support throughout the year, including the wonderful teacher appreciation lunch yesterday. And to all parents and families who do so much for the students and staff of Boise High; thank you as well. As I draw near the close of my second year as principal of this incredible place, I swell with pride and realize just how fortunate and honored I am to be one small part of the educational experience of so many exceptional people. Have a wonderful summer, and we look forward to seeing many of you in August.

Respectfully –

Robert Thompson

Every day is a great day to be a Brave…….

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Dress Code Reminder!

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As the warm weather approaches, we would like to remind everyone of the Boise High School Dress Code requirements. We are asking for your assistance in helping us avoid any embarrassing situations that might occur due to violations of the dress code by students.

Below you will find Boise High School’s Dress Code Policy:


Boise High School requires every student to dress in a manner that provides a safe, healthy, and respectful school environment. All students must adhere to the minimum standards of dress, as outlined in this dress code, during the school day.

Students are not to wear or carry items (clothing, accessories, cosmetics, tattoos, jewelry) which depict or allude to drugs, alcohol, drug paraphernalia, gangs, violence, sexually explicit/lewd/offensive material, or illegal acts. This list is not exhaustive.

Wearing, using, or displaying any gang clothing, attire, jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol, sign, code, or other things which evidence membership or affiliation in any gang is prohibited on any school premises or at any school sponsored activity, regardless of location.

Head coverings of any type are not permitted during schools hours with exceptions of religious head coverings and those authorized by the principal.

Unless the principal or designee indicates otherwise, students must wear footwear at all times.

Student grooming and attire should support a safe and respectful learning environment.

  • Attire shall have adequate coverage
  • in­seams must be 3­-4 inches in length
  • Tops must have visible shoulder straps and cover stomach, sides, chest, and back
  • Clothes shall not be transparent, ripped, torn, or exceedingly distressed unless the student is wearing a base layer that fits the above requirements.

The Principal or designee has the final authority to interpret the dress code and determine if the student is appropriately dressed.

The complete District Dress Code can be found on the District Website at Student Dress Code

Students found to be in violation of the dress code will be asked to change (we have a limited amount of appropriate clothing available to loan), or have their parent/guardian bring an appropriate article of clothing while they wait in the office.


CLASS OF 2017!!

Graduation is:



Time 10:30 AM @ Taco Bell Arena

Commencement begins at 7:00pm Taco Bell Arena

**Seniors need to be at Taco Bell Arena no later than

6:30 pm for commencement line up

*No tickets required, no limit on attendees / Handicap seating is available


Friday, May 12th - Distribution of YEARBOOKS to entire student body! CAP & GOWNS will be distributed to seniors during Senior English classes from 7:45 - 3:30 in the auditorium!

* ALL FINES (text books, class novels, library books, athletic uniforms & equipment, choir robes, musical instruments etc.) need to be cleared prior to receiving cap & gowns and diplomas. Seniors can check in the ASB office for fines or they can log into their own Destiny Acct. thru the BHS Library page (Destiny catalog). Same user/password as their google sign-on. Click on "My Info" tab in acct. to SEE all textbooks, calculators, lib items, fines even from Jr. High on.

May 15th – 19th – “Senior Week”

Tues – 16th –7th~ EOC (full regular day/modified schedule)
Wed – 17th – 5th & 6th~ EOC (seniors all classes through EOC)
Thurs – 18th – 3rd & 4th~ EOC (seniors all classes through EOC)
Fri – 19th – 1st & 2nd~ EOC


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SENIORS - 3.8 & Above!

Congratulations to the our Seniors who have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher for 7 semesters!

Alsayagh, Dina

Anderson, Ava

Anderson, Randi

Apsley, Heidi

Archibald, Isabella

Barnes, Emma

Batten, Caleb

Blaser, Kelson

Blickenstaff, Kathryn

Boice, Linnea

Brown, Aliya

Brown, Noah

Bush, Katherine

Cadwell, Connor

Campbell, Krista

Campbell, Scott

Care, Kathryn

Cashen Alexa

Centeno, Jackson

Chalin, Jacob

Coba, Carleigh

Coleman, Danielle

Cooper, Hayden

Corta, Kyla

Coulthard, Colleen

Crookham-Guy, Grace

Dandrea, Catherine

Dark, Vail

Dean-Erlander, Peter

Dennis, Karlyn

DiMatteo, Alesandra

Dingel, Audrey

Dunnagan, Brooke

Edwards, Nicholas

Englert, Josephine

Erwin, Abbey

Forbes, Isabel

Fritsch, Kernan

Fritz, Jacob

Fulfer, Max

Gaddi, Vera

Gee, Winston

Gisler, Jack

Glass, Elliott

Graff, Kincaid

Graham, Sophia

Green, Isabela

Hamilton-Rubio, Stephanie

Harpolem , Zoe

Harvey, Megan

Hembree, Jarod

Henderson, Annika

Higgins, Addie

Hilburn, Kathryn

Hill, Jamie

Hill, Mahalie

Hill, Ryan

Ho, Bingxuan

Hodgson, Lily

Hosselkus, Bennett

Hunt, Eleanor

Hurty, Jack

Hutton, Lowell

Imbriani, Guiseppi

Isbell, Nathaniel

Jackovich, Hanna

Jamboretz, Ada

Jin, Kevin

Johnson, Livingston

Jones, Lara

Jorgenson, Matteo

Jussel, Anna

Katayama, Garret

Kirk, David

Ko, Minji

Koeplin, Katherine

Kuchera, Julienne

Kuehl, Kaelie

Laaraj, Mariem

Lancedelli, Giulia

Lark, Quincee

Lee, Elizabeth

Leroy, Joyce

Lim, Eric

Lindholm, Kaitlyn

Linz, Savannah

Loutzenheiser, Kelly

Makela, Kelly

Maloney, Thomas

Mansfield, Jenna

Martinez, Joshua

Matlock, Sara

McBride, Marlowe

McCarty-Kauth, Brynn

Moore, Henry

Mulcahy, Brendan

Murphy , Sara

Nelson, Sydney

Neville, Rylee

Nguyen, Felix

O'Connor, Nicholas

Pape, Sophie

Park, Tessa

Patterson, Bailey

Peterson, Alex

Phillips, Sophie

Pickard, Hayden

Prado, Marlene

Ramey, Theodore

Reiten, Sophia

Reynolds, Mitchell

Richards, Clayton

Ringer, Erica

Robinson, Naia

Rogers, Grace

Samer, Ella

Sanders, Sarah

Schieve, Bailey

Schofield, Nicolas

Schwabe, Audrey

Shelton, Madeline

Simpson, Amanda

Sisson, Miriam

Skirvin, Allen

Slattery, William

Snow, Lily

Spanneut, Estelle

Standal, Samuel

Stevenson, Emily

Strauss, Nolan

Streeter, Forest

Swan, Olive

Tate, William

Theiler, Hans

Torp, Danya

Tripp, Madeline

Vaterlaus, Burton

Vining, Paul Long Xiang

Wager, Delaney

Wagers, Savannah

Wechsler, Marc

Willnerd, Luke

SENIORS - Bricks - 4- Braves

CLASS OF 2017!

This is your chance to have your name forever inscribed at Boise High!

Buy your brick today!

What club did you belong to? What sport or activity did you participate in?

Did you hold an office?

All these things can be represented on your brick!


Order you tax-deductible personalized brick(s)....for yourself...for your family...for recognition and a memory of a loved one or special event. These lasting memorials will be the pride of the Boise High Community and will forever commemorate the community spirit and generosity of all those who support our students.

2nd Semester EOC Schedule - 10th & 11th

2nd SEMESTER EOC: – Sophomores & Juniors: (EOC Bell Schedule)

Tuesday, May 30th

7th – 7:45-9:25 (100 min)

BREAK – 9:25-9:40

1st – 9:40-10:25 (45min)

2nd – 10:30-11:15 (45 min)

3rd – 11:20-12:04 (44 min)

LUNCH – 12:04-12:44

4th – 12:44-1:28 (44 min)

5th – 1:33-2:17 (44 min)

6th – 2:22-3:07 (45 min)


Wednesday, May 31st – 1st & 2d

Thursday, June 1st – 3rd & 4th

Friday, June 2nd– 5th & 6th

Testing schedule for 1/2 days:

1st Testing Period from

9:00 to 10:30 a.m. (100 min)

½ Hour Break

2nd Testing Period from

10:55 to 12:25 pm (100 min)


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GALA 2017 was a huge success and what a beautiful venue J.U.M.P. was to experience. A special thank you to the GALA 2017 committee who worked so hard to pull off a classy fund raising event to help Boise High. Thank you to Boise teams, clubs, and classrooms that donated items and time to be auctioned off, and our awesome students who volunteered their time to help out.

Shout out to Stacy Slattery, Rhoda Brunelli, Shelia Grisham, Susan Centeno, Holly Escobar, Nancy Werdel, Tina Michael and Aliess Robison (just to name a very small portion of people) who spent endless hours making sure this event was successful. We have THE BEST PARENTS in the district and we thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts!!

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Shout out to Charles Demaria & Jacey Adams for the design and logo for this years summit t-shirt!

BE THE CHANGE - Summit 2017!

The 2017 Boise High Summit carried the theme "Be the Change". The summit culminated student project-based learning in a day of learning in action, with more than 70 student presentations, more than 20 student-led workshops.

This year's keynote speaker was Asmaa Albukaie, Idaho's first Syrian refugee, mother of a fellow Brave and employee at the Agency for New Americans. What a fascinating story of true compassion and heart, and what a privilege it was to have her address our students!

The National Guard treated us with a tank and helicopter and the Micron bus was on Campus for us to discover!

Our Boise High students' intellectual rigor, passion and community was on full display!

*We would like to publicly thank Amber Tetrick and our Boise Brave AVID students who made this summit such a huge success!

BOISE HIGH IS THE CHANGE with student lead and project based teaching. Way to go Braves!



Boise High Congratulates three seniors who are our

2017 scholars!

Vera Gaddi, Nathaniel Isbell and Danya Torp

These students applied as Juniors and their nationality is Hispanic/Latin, took the PSAT/NMSQT, and were invited to apply for academic recognition as part of the College Board’s National Hispanic Recognition Program (NHRP).

To be eligible, they must be at least one-quarter Hispanic/Latino. Hispanic/Latino is an ethnic category, not a racial category, and can be of any race.

They must have ancestors from at least one of these countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, or Venezuela.

Every year, the NHRP recognizes about 5,000 of the 250,000 Hispanic/Latino juniors who take the test.

Recognized students are from the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, the Mariana Islands, and the Marshall Islands, as well as other students attending schools abroad. Approximately 200 of the top-scoring PAA™ students from Puerto Rico are also included.

Presidential Scholar Semi-Finalist!

Senior Elizabeth Lee


(BOISE) – Six Idaho students have been selected as semifinalists for the U.S. Presidential Scholars program, including two brothers from Boise.

The prestigious program was created in 1964 to “recognize and honor some of our nation’s most distinguished graduating high school seniors,” according to a prepared statement from the program, which added that the students have “demonstrated scholarship, leadership, artistic excellence and selfless service to others.”

The 723 semi-finalists announced this week come from the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and U.S. territories and possessions. They were selected from an initial set of 5,100 nominees from the 3.5 million eligible graduating seniors this year. Each state normally has two academic finalists named, a boy and a girl, both of whom must be U.S. citizens. It addition, the Commission on Presidential Scholars may select finalists in the fields of the arts, and career-technical education. A total of up to 161 students may receive the Presidential Scholars honor, which is a recognition program, not a scholarship program.

The finalists will be selected in May and invited to an all-expense-paid trip to the National Recognition Program in June in Washington, D.C. They will be awarded their Presidential Scholars Medallion during a ceremony at the White House.

Idaho’s semifinalists are:

· Stephen Casper of Skyline High School in Idaho Falls.

· Elizabeth S. Lee of Boise High School in Boise.

· Kathy M. Min of Centennial High School in Boise.

· Ellie K. Van De Graff of Capital High School in Boise. She lives in Eagle.

· Andrew and Henry Zhang of Capital High School in Boise.


For more information about the Presidential Scholars program, go to

NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing

Senior Vera Gaddi is the 2017 Idaho Affiliate Award Winner at the High School level for the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing.

The NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing (AiC) honors high school women who are active and interested in computing and technology, and encourages them to pursue their passions. The multi-tiered structure includes recognition at the national and local levels, serving all 50 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and all U.S. overseas military bases.

National Exchange Club's ACE Award Recipient!

CONGRATULATIONS to senior Daniel Ngirabakunzi for receiving the ACE Award -

The National Exchange Club's A.C.E. (Accepting the Challenge of Excellence) Award recognizes high school students who have had to overcome great physical, emotional, or social obstacles and are now eligible for high school graduation. This is a positive program with two key objectives: it helps encourage students to overcome their hardships and get back on track toward a high school diploma; and it recognizes those students who are often overlooked for their accomplishments. This special recognition serves as a powerful example to all students that hard work and perseverance are rewarded.


Seniors Jocelyn Barrett & Isabel Rodriguez are recipients of the 2017 Mayors Award....this award is given to students who demonstrate tremendous character by rising above hardships, serving their communities and consistently exhibiting kindness and consideration for others.
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Dear Boise High School parents:

Get excited, next year Boise High School is participating in a dynamic, hands-on, civic education program for students in Washington, DC! As educators, we are always looking for new and interesting ways to provide extra challenges and opportunities to enhance your students’ educational experience. We strongly believe that Close Up does just that and will provide a learning experience of a lifetime!

Close Up’s programs are designed to give students direct opportunities to interact with government and history in Washington, DC, while exploring the links between history and the rights and responsibilities of citizens today. Students benefit from Close Up’s robust curriculum and spend time interacting with their peers from across the country as they visit DC’s famous sites including: Capitol Hill, the National Archives, Smithsonian Museums, Arlington Cemetery, and much more. This is sure to be a fun and exciting experience that will provide lifelong memories for our students.

To learn more about the trip, Close Up will be holding informational meetings on Thursday, May 4th starting at 6:00 pm at Boise High School in room 507. At this meeting we will discuss cost, trip dates, fundraising, and other program logistics. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached by email at Please visit to learn more about Close Up.


Monica C. Church

AP American Government, AP Comparative Government, American Government 12, Student Council Adviser Boise High School


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Connor Cadwell, Jacob Fritz & Joe Gustavel

Boise High Golf REPRESENTS!!

Your in our hearts always Carlton!

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2017-2018 Boise Braves Cheer Squad!

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Cheerleaders!

Journey Utterbeck

Trystin Thomas

Macey Escobar

Sophia Whitehead

Caterine DeBLasio

Cherish Koehler

Kassidy Carlson

Sam Sorenson

Morgan Fritz

Ruby Simpson

Erin Semmler

Lucy Streeby

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Senior Megan Harvey caught a picture of the double rainbow on March 17th!

It didn't last long but it was beautiful.

A true sign Spring is on it's way!

Leadership students READ to Longfellow Kindergartners!!

Senior~ Grace Abel and Junior ~Acey Norris take time out of their day to read to Mrs. Laurino's kindergarten class at Longfellow Elementary on February 28th. Great job Braves!
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BOISE - A group of Boise High School students has won the Western Idaho Regional Science Bowl. See Channel 7 coverage

A total of 23 teams took part in the competition in Boise Monday.

The teams are asked a series of questions in a bracket-style tournament.

The event encourages student interest in science, technology, engineering and math subjects.

"I think for the students to be able to compete in an academic competition is really different and unique,” said Kami Faylor with the Micron Foundation. “It really helps them see that there is value to that, and to know that they have a future in science, and they can have a future in academics."

The winning team gets an all-expenses paid trip to the National Science Bowl in Washington, D.C. on April 27-May 1.

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Spread the Word to End the Word!!

Our awesome Braves competed in the Unified Basketball Tournament at BSU on

Friday, March 3rd!

The Boise High Unified Basketball team finished 3rd in state on Friday March 3rd at Boise State University. They competed against a number of team from around the state. The team members were Ramazan Ali, Emily Rigg, Mariah Anderson, Micahel McLaughlin, Brookelynn Malone, Eric Jones, Lauren Tate, Brooke Mortimer, Michael Curtis, Chase Phillips, Mia McKinney, Hayden Cooper, and coached by Mr. Jon Neulist. A special thanks goes to our amazing cheer section Jenny McIntosh, Cameron Hoagland, Ms. Natalie Lutes, and Mrs. Rachel Ryden. It was an amazing event.

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Thompson gets a PIE IN THE FACE!!

Mr. Thompson was voted by the student body to get a "Pie in the Face" during Kindness Week, March 6th-10th! Mr. Ulrickson came in a close second but Mr. Thompson won the pot! Students raised $100 to benefit a charity of his choice- Interfaith Sanctuary!


Kindness Week - Mr. Thompson Gets Pie to Face


Our awesome Braves took 1st place in "Small Team" for the Pacific Northwest Dance Competition on Saturday, March 11th at Capital High School. They also took 2nd place in both the "Kick" and "Hip Hop" routines.

Megan Wong took the "Drill Down" competition and was named Miss PNW!


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ACHD Sweeper Art Contest Winner!

Sophomore Catherine Knothe's art was one of five student art selections that will be featured on the side of an ACHD sweeper truck.

"What goes down the drain goes to the river" program is for the Next Generation Science Standard HS-ESS3-4 Earth and Human Activity. Cate's art represented the theme perfectly!

Boise Teen Committed to "Climate Change"

JUNIOR - Alyssa Lu is an Earth-conscious individual and being eco-friendly is a part-time lifestyle. Alyssa is committed to combating climate change, helping the environment and making a world a better place for her generation and those that come after.

CLICK HERE to see the full article!!

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Channel "Just Drive" Video Runner-Up

Senior Ronsard Mwembo received $100.00 check from Channel 7 for his video submission for the "Just Drive" Video contest.

Click here for the broadcast!

Jason Argonaut Expedition Competition

Congratulations to Sophomore Alexa Borden!

She was selected to participate in one of the Jason Argonaut Expeditions for a week in October of this year. This is such a highly competitive process. She will travel to Malaysia for a week in October (all expenses paid) to be part of a 36 person international research team conducting field research in the rain forest.

The application for consideration for this opportunity took Alexa several months in the fall semester and included making a video and gaining recommendations on her behalf.

Click below to see what it is all about

(As background...TVMSC's only had one other student selected for this opportunity and that was in 2012 when Maeve McCormick was selected as a 9th grader (from Riverglen and TVMSC, at the time...then on to Boise High/TVMSC) to go to conduct field research in Iceland. She was one of six students chosen for that opportunity. Maeve now attends Stanford University (after turning down Yale!)

Idaho Youth Sports Commission Award!!

The Idaho Youth Sports Commission has selected ....

Senior Audrey Dingel for being chosen as the “Honor The Game” award recipient!

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) Senior Composition Competition

Junior Lauren Vandervelden won first place in the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) Senior Composition Competition for her piano quintent Kaleidoscopic Suite. Vandervelden, a 17-year old composer and violinist, studies composition with Philip Wharton of New York City and violin with Sarn Oliver of the San Francisco Symphony. Vandervelden has previously won several national composition awards. The MTNA Composition Competition was judged prior to the 2017 MTNA National Conference, which will take place March 18-22 in Baltimore, MD. As a national competition winner, Vandervelden receives $2,000, provided by the MTNA Foundation Fund. Her composition will be performed in the winners’ recital Monday, March 20, at the conference.

Live for 175!

Rachel Ryden's PE classes spun out of control to break the record for Child Abuse Awareness!!

Hamilton's 1st hour APUSH class surprise!!

My 1st period APUSH class threw a surprise party for me that caught me completely off guard. It had doughnuts, noise makers, balloons, cookies, and a AWESOME signed card. Thanks APUSHers for a memorable day. In 21 years of teaching this is the first time that students have ever done this for me. I'm truly lucky to work here. THANK YOU!!

Troy Hamilton (3-16-17)

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Mr. Thompson and his PROM dates!

The Junior/ Senior Prom was held at The Train Depot on Saturday, April 28th. Beautiful weather, beautiful venue and beautiful people.

Mr. Thompson and several faculty members enjoyed a great time with the kids!!

NOT TO WORRY ~ We gotcha covered!

A typical morning with Head Custodian Candy Ehtridge and Media Specialist Toni Leith!
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I just wanted to share a few "funnies" to all my parents who deal with the daily teenager!!

We love everyone of them!!

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BSU President's Writing Award

Senior - Stephanie Hamilton-Rubio was awarded 1st prize in the Boise State University President's Writing Awards competition for the First Year Writing Category on Wednesday, April 26th at Boise State University!

Boise High Libraries 4th Quarter Reads!!

Boise High Library SUMMER Good Reads!!


Thank you for a terrific 2016-2017 school year. Please continue to check our school web site for upcoming information for the 2017-2018 school year.



All offices will be closed for the summer : June 15 - July 18