Don't Do Drugs!

Drugs ruin lives!

Drugs aren't safe

People get killed over drugs. Drugs aren't safe and are never the answer! People get kicked out of school because of drugs. You can get your money stolen from using illegal drugs.

Drugs crush dreams

Doing drugs absolutely crush dreams. You can't get a job if you are addicted to drugs. You may have a dream of being a processional athlete. You can't be a pro athlete when you are in prison for doing drugs. Drugs are never the choice.

Are Prescriptions Okay?

Yes, prescription medicine is okay as long as it is used correctly. If the label is being obeyed, then it is being used correctly. If you are using the prescription more than you should, this is drug abuse. Drug abuse is when you abuse a drug.

Just say NO!

Drugs aren't the answer. If someone offers you drugs, just say NO! Are they really your friend if they offer you a life taking drug?