Child Obesity

The problem

Kids around the world have a big problem they have to live with, obesity. This can be found in all countries. The United States is the number one, since one out of every 3 children suffers from obesity. There are different things that cause this such as, not eating healthy food, eating junk food in between meals, no exercise etc. This year (2013), has been the first year in decades to have an obesity decrease, but there are still too many children with this problem. This affects kids in multiple ways, physically and psychologically. At the same time there is a vast amount of ways to prevent it and decrease it.


With childhood obesity starting to be an increasing problem in many countries there's been many ways to prevent and attack this problem. The main way to prevent this problem is to promote healthy lifestyle habits, such as healthy eating and promoting physical activities which prevents obesity and its related deceases. The lifestyle of children are affected by many branches of society such as media, family, friends and school.A healthy environment in school is fundamental since it should be as secure and supportive environment for children in which students can learn how to have healthy eating and sports activities.

Alex Güereca, Diego Gomez, Juan Pedro Faraudo, Luis Enrique Velez, Javier Vazquez y Diego Ramos