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Technology PD for MES Teachers

April 7 Edition

Prizes This Week

This week you'll have a chance to win a Case Logic Carrying Case (Sleeve) for your Tablet. This is a perfect sleeve to protect your iPad. I also have a few cleaning cloths that will go to a few lucky participants this week. So what do you have to do to get your name added to the drawing? Keep reading and find out!

Beyond Games- Using the iPad with Students in the Classroom


Socrative is a site where you can set up questions and quizzes for your students. It is similar to using clickers. Watch the video that gives an introduction to Socrative on their website.

I know most of us only get a handful of iPads throughout the week. Think you can't use this? Put your students in teams and give one iPad to each team. This encourages them to synergize!

If you create an account you'll see My Profile, just click there and then find Training Tour at the bottom of your list. This will walk you through some of the features and show you how to use Socrative. I like this site because it can be accessed through any technology with internet access, including computers.

To be entered into the drawing for prizes initiate Socrative with your class on an ipad. Take a screen shot once students log in (shown under student in room) and send it to me.

Use Technology to Check for Understanding

After you teach a lesson let students create a picture to show that they understand what they have learned.

Pics4Learning is a site where students can find photos to make a collage.

Students could use any of the following apps: Paper 53, Educreations, PixStitch & Instaquote, Font Candy, Skitch

Every student doesn't have to use the same app. They all have the same assignment but allow them to find an app and learn to use it.

Before you make an assignment ask your students to explore these apps to see which they like best. Let them be the ones who learn to use it. You don't have to be the expert!

For another chance to win a prize, when you have a student create one of the above apps, do a screen shot. You can email me the screen shot and you'll have another chance to win! Can't send email from the school ipad? Take a picture of their ipad screen with your ipad or a camera and send that!