By Katherine Applegate


This boy named Jackson is going into 5th grade and his family are having tough times. They are broke and he doesn't have much food to eat. His old imaginary friend appears to help him with his problem with his family.

The cat, Crenshaw, showed up to Jackson when he was on the beach. Jackson wants to be a scientist and he doesn't believe in make believe but he has Crenshaw an imaginary friend. His parents were going to have a garage sale to make enough money for rent and to pay some of their bills.That night Jackson wakes up to find his second sighting of Crenshaw taking a bath in his bath tub . His family couldn't afford rent because the garage sale did not make enough money for them, so they move into their mini van for awhile. His mom got a job and his dad played music on the side of the street to get money from tips. They made enough money to afford a new apartment and Jackson tells his friend Marisol, about his imaginary friend. She tells him that she had an imaginary friend too. That night Crenshaw tells Jackson that he knows other imaginary friends and his dad even had an imaginary friend. Crenshaw is there to comfort Jackson and in the end, Jackson asks his dad about Finian, his imaginary friend. Things start to look up and they become a family again. His dad and mom both get jobs and they finally get a new apartment to live in.


I highly recommend the book Crenshaw. It was really fun and exciting and it's a really sweet book. Especially if you like cats and imaginary friends. Another book to read is The One and Only Ivan. It's from the same author!


"The first time i met Crenshaw was about three years ago. Right after first grade ended."

"He was a black and white kitten he was taller than me. His eyes were sparkling colors of morning grass. He was wearing a black and orange San Francisco Giants baseball cap and he was riding skate board."

[C] Look I don't make the rules.[ J ]" Then who does?"[C] You do.

"But Crenshaw told me something else. He said that imaginary friends never leave. he said they were on call. Just waiting, in case they were needed."

"Meantime, I was going to enjoy the magic while I could."

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