Hui ā-Whānau

TONIGHT - Tuesday 12, 6pm - Online


As we move towards the Easter holidays, the board has two key kaupapa that we would like to consult with whānau about:

  1. Tumuaki Recruitment

  2. Kura Rebuild: External Design

We will be holding an online hui-a-whānau on Tuesday 12 April, 6pm to hear and record your feedback. There will also be a link available after the hui to complete a survey online if you are not able to attend the hui.

Tumuaki Recruitment

In Term 2, we will be advertising the Tumuaki position. Whaea Shar initially agreed to the position as Acting Tumuaki on a short term basis, to complete a number of key projects like the kura refurbishment and kura COVID response before we advertised. We are now in a position where we feel the time is right to advertise, and Whaea Shar has communicated her wishes to return to the classroom, and permanent position of Tumuaki Tuarua once the recruitment process is complete. We are grateful for the leadership she and the Senior Management Team of Whaea Hayley, Whaea Amber and Whaea Anna have provided.

As we work through the recruitment plan, we want to ensure we capture the desires and vision of our whānau, ākonga and kaimahi for a new Tumuaki and reflect these throughout this process.

We will be asking whānau:

  1. What are the opportunities and challenges for Te Whānau Tahi?

  2. What are we looking for in the new Tumuaki to achieve these?

Kura Rebuild: External Design

We are excited to share with whānau the progress of our kura rebuild. The initial design and shape of our kura buildings (based on whānau feedback & our Education Brief) has progressed through the Ministry of Education Design Review Panel (DRP) and has been approved. Kaimahi have provided their thoughts on requirements for internal teaching spaces, and this has also progressed through the next Design Review Panel successfully.

We would now like to hear from whānau about the type of design features that could be visible on the outside of the buildings.

We will be asking whānau:

  1. What do we want to see in the design on the outside of our new kura buildings?

  2. How do we want these buildings to look and feel and reflect the story of Te Whānau Tahi?

We will be sharing with whānau the latest set of plans, and 3-D images of kura buildings with an example of what could be available to our kura. We will also be able to confirm with whānau next steps for our rebuild.

Sophie Kamariera

Poari Matua o Te Whānau Tahi

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