Northwood Notes

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Week of 9.13.15


Staff Edition

Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.

FIrst Week of School

What a great week for kids. The rooms were decorated and the building staff was warm and welcoming. I appreciate all of you for making this a special week for all (including me). I was proud of what I saw, heard and experienced from our team. Thanks for being positive supports for our students, staff, and community. I hope you remembered to take time for yourself this weekend.

HQ: Due 9/11/15

Thanks for getting these in on time! 100% are in and on time.
Assessment Calendar/Assessment Notes Folder

Please follow the calendar and carefully note due dates.

Assessment Calendar/DRA Subs

Remember that we need a two week notice. You must complete a Professional Development Form. Prior to submitting check the calendar to make sure you have no conflicts. Mondays and Fridays should be avoided. Once I approve I will put it on the gmail calendar. It will be sent to the Board Office for approval. You will get the form back once final approval is given. If there is a conflict or multiple people sign up for a day a note will be given to you asking you to choose another date. You will be responsible for putting into Aesop for a sub. Do this as soon as possible/approved.

I will need a copy of your schedule by the end of the month (9/30/15). Please include each day and the times. If you need a template please ask. Please add them to the Schedules Folder. All other schedules should be added in this folder also: OT, PT,

Pledge of Allegiance: House Bill 4934

A reminder that you must give an opportunity to recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States each school day. Students can choose not to recite the pledge but you must offer the opportunity each day.

Updated Science Kit Rotations

Please review and note dates. Thank you.

Teaching and Learning: Login to Teachscape

The links allow you access Teachscape. It was shared at our first meeting and I asked that you wait to login. Please follow the directions below and log in. I want to make sure you have access. If you cannot login let me know by Tuesday 9/15/15 at 4 pm.

  1. Type

  2. At the bottom of the white box click "Activate your account"

  3. Type in your email address and submit and you will receive an email to choose a password

Be sure to store your password in a save place where you can access it.

NWEA: Grades 2,3,4,5

On September 3 NWEA MAP sent all teachers their username and password via email. Please don't trash this as you will need the information for this Wednesday's PD. Please log in to make sure you have access prior to Wednesday, September 16. We do not want to waste time logging in. If you have any troubles please contact Lisa Shannon, thank you!

Action Required: Read and Submit Plan for Constitution Day

Required Certifications

The purpose of this notice is to provide schools with information regarding the submission procedure for certifying their district’s compliance for constitutionally protected prayer, eye protective devices, and Constitution Day. All certifications are due September 18, 2015.

Constitution Day

Public Law 108-447 requires all educational institutions receiving federal funds to hold an educational program on the United States Constitution on September 17, 2015, for the students served by the educational institution. Questions regarding this program may be directed to Jim Cameron at 517-241-9913 or

Please submit using the Constitution Day button below.

Constitution Day

Thanks for the plans. I look forward to seeing them in action. Reminder: Plans were due by September 11, 2015. I have emailed anyone that still needs to complete this.

PBIS Matrix

Review the matrix, teach lessons, and practice.

Great Examples

It was great to see staff with students sitting outside the bathroom in the lower el hall with students, matrix in hand discussing appropriate bathroom behavior. This is an excellent idea.

Teachers were practicing in the hall with students lining up and getting it right.

Teachers reading stories related to appropriate behaviors.

This is a continuous process. The second week should be another week of reviewing, PRACTICING and reinforcing are expectations. THANKS TO EVERYONE LEADING THE WAY FOR A SUCCESSFUL YEAR.

Website Building Calendar

Do you know what is happening? PTA Events, Late Starts...... Please check the building and Gmail calendar often. Let me know if you do not have access. Enter field trips and class events on the Gmail calendar.

Dates to Remember

Please note that you should be checking the gmail calendar for ALL events. This is just a brief overview.

9/14 Ad Council AM

9/14 PTA @ 7 PM

9/15 Curriculum Night (This is an evening for parents/guardians)

3rd Grade 6:30 PM-7:15 PM

9/16 Professional Learning Morning; Late Start for Students; Agenda Sent Separately

9/17 Curriculum Night (This is an evening for parents/guardians)

K,1,2 from 6:30 PM-7:15 PM

4,5 from 7:30 PM-8:15 PM

9/18 Family Picnic @ 6pm on the South Playground (details at


9/21 El Council

9/22 Kaiser Picture Day

9/23 Professional Learning Morning; Late Start for Students

9/23 Fire Drill #1 @ 10:30 AM (Please review procedures prior to this date)

9/29 Fire Drill #2 @ 9:00 AM

9/30 Professional Learning Morning; Late Start for Students


Check for PTA event information and volunteer opportunities.



Professional Learning 9/16

Our 90 minute PD will focus on NWEA training for grades 2, 3,4, 5.

Kdg will meet as a district wide PLC to discuss procedures for Dolch and DRA testing

1st grade will be in a building level PLC.

Agendas to follow.

NAIAS Field Trip Information

North American International Auto Show Education Day field trip brochure.

Tech Matrix

This is a heads up for teachers. Please review the matrix, plans are being worked out with Allyson Dewar to help teachers with this. More to come. Click the link above for easy access.

School Information and Student Handbook

Please make sure you keep this as a reference.