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Recent NxtGen Updates


  • Compact User Interface (FasTrax & LiteSpeed Categories)


  • Compact User Interface (FasTrax, LiteSpeed & Communications and Controls Categories)
  • LiteSpeed Clean image (LiteSpeed Category)
  • GuardRite Vertical (New Design)
  • GuardRite Flex (New Design)
  • GuardRite Swing (New Product)
  • Eliminator GapMaster (Europe Category)
  • Dock Leveller G 9000 (Europe Category)
  • Safe-T-Lip Dock Leveller G 9300 (Europe Category)
  • Scissor Lift (Europe Category)


  • BLAST Impact videos for key Barrier products
  • Rite-Flex Panel and Door


  • Compact User Interface Drawings (available also in E-Trunk)
  • Full Line Barrier Systems Brochure
  • New Specification/Survey Sheets for full line of Barrier System Products
  • Science of Safety White Paper for Barrier System Products
  • Barrier Glider Owner's Manual in Spanish (Europe Category)
  • Safe-T-Lip Dock Leveller G 9300 Owner's Manual in German and English (Europe Category)
  • GWL Owner's Manual in Czech and Slovakian (Europe Category)
  • MWL Owner's Manual in Italian (Europe Category)
  • Dock Levellers G 9000 + G 9300 Drawings (Europe Category)
  • Safe-T-Lip Dock Leveller G 9300 Spec Sheets in German and English (Europe Category)


All Product Companies will be removing Photos from the E-Trunk. Photos can be found on Rite-Hite's website, www.ritehite.com and within the NxtGen app.

All Product Companies will be removing Owner's Manuals from the NxtGen app to Rite-Hite's website, www.ritehite.com. This DOES NOT include International. The website allows for easy navigation to retrieve a product's Owner's Manual and relieves the NxtGen app from holding those documents. Owner's Manual can also be found in the E-Trunk.

Don't forget to go into the Settings and press Update to see these new assets!!!

RiteHite.com Updates

New HVLS Fans Application Page (click on the image to the right to see where the new page is located)

Leads from RiteHite.com are on the rise thanks to some adjustments we made in August to our Contact Us and Find-A-Rep functions. Whenever a visitor completes one of our online forms, an email is sent to "info@ritehite.com". These emails are reviewed by several people at Corporate. The majority will be sent/forwarded to the rep (NER, IPS and/or FSR) based on the postal code or country the visitor provides.

When you receive one of these emails it is very important to take action right away. We are finding that people who complete a form online expect a fast turn-around on their request. Consider the fact that they filled out a form as an urgent request for us to contact them.

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Always Looking Ahead Brochure (ALA) Success Stories!

From Rich Parks:

Food manufacturer in NY - Prior to jumping into a Dok-Lok van demo, I took a few moments to review the brochure with a group of about eight people. Afterwards we had one new contact who stayed behind to discuss an area of concern. This led us to discuss an additional project for Gatekeepers because he noticed it on our in-plant safety panel. This is typically not a product we would have had an opportunity to discuss during a Dok-Lok demo.

Ohio Steel Fabrication Co. - During an intro call with a new customer and one of our FSRs we planned to introduce them to our PMP program. Starting with the ALA brochure, we reviewed the panels and the Dok-Guardian and the Environmental Separation and Control panel caught the customer's attention. So we launched into a Dok-Guardian module presentation! The visit resulted in Dok-Guardian proposals, shelter repairs and a plant tour to evaluate potential areas for Revolution Fans.

We are hearing great stories like this from the field as they use the new "Always Looking Ahead" brochure and presentation. And, we have taken the brochure to two major shows in August and September and received great feedback on it.

Got a story to share? Contact Sara Everts at 414-973-3609 or severts@ritehite.com

Product Enhancements

Barrier System Product Updates:
  • GuardRite Heavy Duty = GuardRite Steel
  • GuardRite Light Duty = GuardRite Flex
  • Safe-T-Gate Light Duty = GuardRite Safe-T-Gate Vertical

New Products

GuardRite Safe-T-Gate Swing (Original Bulletin sent 9-24-15)

The Safe-T-Gate Swing can be used as a stand alone pedestrian gate or can be integrated with the GuardRite Flex (formerly GuardRite Light Duty) and/or Safe-T-Gate Vertical (formerly Safe-T-Gate Light Duty) to create protected walkways.

In addition, the GuardRite Flex and Safe-T-Gate Vertical and Swing will now come standard with yellow rails and black posts. The new design will be shipped for all orders received on and after September 28, 2015. Lead time for the new rails, posts and Safe-T-Gates will be 2-3 weeks.

The old style white rails and yellow posts will be available at regular pricing and lead times until the current inventory is depleted. A bulletin will be sent at that time with revised pricing and lead times required for special orders of the old style.

The link below will take you to a 30 minute Knowledge Vision presentation on the new Rite-Hite Barrier Systems BLAST sales strategy.

New Literature

  • Fly-In Brochure
  • Individual Specification/Surveys for all Barrier System Products
  • Barrier Systems Full Line Brochure*
  • Loading Dock Management Full Line Brochure*

*Offices will be receiving the two full line brochure pieces in the mail and should replace the old literature right away

Please contact Debbi Zanotti at 1-414-362-6399 or at DZanotti@ritehite.com to order any literature that you need!

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In The News!

HVLS FANS: Your HVAC System's Best Friend - Manufacturing Business Technology

Supply Chain Security Begins at the Loading Dock - Manufacturing Business Technology

Best Practices for Fall Protection - Powder Bulk Solids

Important Product Company Notices

Please welcome Apex Industries (Original Bulletin sent 10-7-15):

Apex is a diversified Manufacturer, Distribution and Solutions Company that serves or supplies customers in the Northeastern Atlantic Canadian Market. Headquartered out of Moncton, NB, Canada, Apex operates in various business sectors including Aerospace and Defense, Oil and Gas, Mining, Marine and Construction. Capabilities range from the manufacture of aerospace components and aero structures, to complex heavy fabricated and machined oil and gas equipment, to custom metal and detention doors/frames. Distribution services include detailed specification writing and project management for major construction projects related to door/frames/hardware and overhead doors.

Rite-Hite is excited to provide its equipment to customers in Atlantic Canada through Apex Industries. Their dedication and customer service make them the undisputed leader for loading dock sales and service.

Shawn Keasey is the Sales Manager at Apex, based in Dartmouth, NS, and can be reached at 902-468-2739 (Ext. 206) shawn.keasey@apexindustries.com. The contacts for New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia are as follows:

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island:

Jim Comeau - jim.comeau@apexindustries.com

1-506-857-1620 (Ext. 408)

1-506-857-1600 is the reception

Nova Scotia:

Todd Webber - todd.webber@apexindustries.com

1-902-468-3911 (Ext. 202)

Please welcome Pioneer Door, Inc (Original Bulletin sent 10-9-15):

Pioneer Door is headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska and covers the entire state of Alaska, with offices in Anchorage, Juneau, Wasilla, and Fairbanks. They have been in business for over 30 years, serving both residential and commercial accounts. Pioneer is owned by Alfred Mills, and his management team consist of Mike Bowie, General Manager and Ron Vance, Manager of Commercial Accounts.

Pioneer Door, Inc.

6514 Greenwood Street

Anchorage, AK 99518

907-344-2212 (office)

Pioneer Door will begin representation for Rite-Hite immediately. As with any new venture, it will take time to ready the systems, and complete a start up and training program. I encourage all inquires to be made to Mike Bowie.

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