Silver Ag

Gracie Hart Block 3


Physical properties of the element silver are high ductility, malleability, conductivity, and a lustrous white appearance. Silver is sometimes found in nature, but most of the time silver is found with other elements such as copper, gold, lead, and nickel. Compounds silver is found in are Silver Fluoride, Silver Chloride, Silver Oxide.

Must Needed Element

The element Silver is an important element to humans because we use the color and the rock in several everyday uses. Now i'd imagine one day we will all buy some accessory of jewelry. Silver is in wedding rings for both men and women, jewelry for women and watches for men. This is a must buy element because you can also get a combination of the stone to make your wedding band or jewelry personal.

The element combines with other very important elements such as oxygen to make silver oxygen. We use the rock with other rich elements such as Gold, Copper, Lead, and Nickel. Most of the time Silver is found with another element and not by itself in nature.

Lastly, Silver is a very pretty element the gives off a white lustrous and rich look. This element needs to be apart of your life not only because of its beauty and lustrous looks, but because of what silver comes in as an element

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