DawnAnn Skateboards

Britney Boley


DawnAnn Skateboards creates skateboards that are fully customizable starting with the deck and growing to the trucks. Also DawnAnn skateboards has a new kind of skateboard using recycled pieces of broken skateboards, either donated with the story of how and where it was broken or fixed to the same person that sent it in.


  • Create new boards by recycling broken ones
~Two options:
- Combine broken boards with stories
-Fix a broken board
  • $6 billion industry in 2013
~20 million skaters in the world
  • Top competition
~Point Distribution: fully custom skateboards
~Bomdecks: art competitions for design
  • Advantage
~Custom broken deck
~Submit artwork, request a design, or bring a picture
  • Regulations
~Lumber regulations
~Hazards of wood glue
~Proper disposal of hazardous waste
  • Mission
~Diverse environment
~Connecting different stories & cultures
  • Legal structure is currently Proprietorship, but willing to change to partnership
  • Work Environment
~Able to do skating demos and interact positively with customers
~Birthday Parties and planning for public events include staff members
  • Pricing $75 to $300 or more
~Depending on wood and demand for wood
  • Copyright artwork
  • Growth
~Slow and steady, focus on
~Customer Happiness
~Employee Happiness
~Loyal to customers and positive outlook
  • Communication
~Social media
~Face to face contact
~Employee-customer relationships