Saturday Practice (Dec. 5th)


Choir Saturday Practice

Just a reminder that Saturday Practice is tomorrow at 10am-12pm. After 10:10 am, there will not be anyone to let students in the school, so please arrive on time. We will be going over songs from the musical and Christmas carols that we will sing at the mall. Great opportunity if you need to run a few errands or be one kid less for 2 hours tomorrow.

A HUGE sorry to Friday After-school parents!

I was reminding the students today about Saturday practice, and they kind of tilted their heads to the side and said, "What practice?" My eyes got big and in my mind, "E-Gad!" I sent permission slips with the ones who were interested.

Frequently asked questions and answers:

* Yes, students may turn in permission slips at Saturday Practice
* Do I have to come? NO, it is totally optional! Students have already informed me that they had events to go to that day.
* Can Pep Squad members (who are in choir) come to choir practice after Pep Squad is done? Yes, they can come to the Library once they are finished.

PC Choir Saturday Practice

Saturday, Dec. 5th, 10am-12pm

5101 Nash Drive

The Colony, TX


It's Crunch Time!
- Saturday Practice 10am-12pm
Dec.7th- Mercy and Grace Permission Slip turn in date (remember to turn in those skating permission slips!)
Dec.11th- Field Trip - NO AFTER-SCHOOL CHOIR!
Dec. 14,15,16 -After School Practices- All Choirs until 4:00pm
Dec. 17th - PTA performance -mandatory