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How to Send a Referral

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a referral?

A MAP-Works referral is a request for action. The two most common categories of referrals are academic performance and class attendance.

What happens once I send a referral to the Retention Office?

Our office works to contact students within 48 hours of a referral being submitted. If we set up a meeting with a student, it will be a one-on-one meeting with Jamie or Ben. We use appreciate advising techniques to help show students their options, as well as connect their behavior to their performance. After we have contacting the student, we will alert the faculty/staff member of our progress.

What is the difference between a Private and Public referral?

MAP-Works always defaults to the most private setting, and we see this in the referral aspect. If you select Private, only you and the person you assigned the referral can see it. By selecting Public, only the direct connects to the student can see the referral. Direct connects include their advisor, instructors, and campus resources.

Step 1

Log-in to MAP-Works. You can find the link in your myGate account under the Employee tab.
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Step 2

Under Open Referrals, select "View Referrals".
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Step 3

After the Referral screen has appeared, select "Issue Referral".
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Step 4

A box will appear for your referral. In the Select Student bar, you can search for your student by M number, email, or name. While you start to type, a dropbox will appear with suggested names. Select the student you are referring.

Note: If the student you are searching for doesn't appear, please contact the Retention Office. Common issues are the student is a visiting, graduate, or post-bachelor student.

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Referral box

Before you begin to write a referral, remember this is a request for action. The more information you can provide about the situation will help the person addressing the request. MAP-Works always defaults to the most private settings, as you can see with the questions and the referral set as Private.
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Step 6

Fill in your referral ticket.

  1. Add a comment. In the blank area, write a detailed account of the situation.
  2. Select a Category. This helps the university run reports to see what are the issues faculty and staff are submitting referrals.
  3. Assign to. Who would you like to take action? Select their name... not yours. We suggest selecting "Your campus' Central Referral Coordinator.
  4. Questions. The four questions help the receiver know how you, the sender, would like the referral to be handled.
  5. Interested Parties. This is a new feature in MAP-Works. It allows you to attach people who might be interested in the content of the referral.
  6. Private or Public. We recommend to use your best judgment. Our office rarely uses Private unless it is a very personal (often Counseling) issue.
  7. Once you are finished, select Save.
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Need Additional Assistance?

Please contact me, Ben Stinnett, in the Retention Office. You can connect with me by phone at 270.809.2274 or by email,