Plea for world peace - Justin Urbas

World want's peace,it's time to realize - David Justin Urbas

Time to change

Talking about war David Justin Urbas mentioned that world has seen many of them including two world wars circling all over the world. Till today many of the nations are unable to sort their disputes out and are still claiming for land in each others territory. From the very beginning of human civilization we are fighting. This is a plea to all the nations to make peace not war, we have already seen many of it.Only thing which results after war is destruction and nothing else, it can't do any good of any human being. The day the human race will learn to co-exist in a peaceful way then it will be happiest day for everyone one of us.

In the biggest wars of our times, maximum number of people died are innocent and children. So what's the point in doing so. Our leaders use us to do their own benefits in the other way around. We fight over small land and leaders just enjoy their lavish life. David Justin Urbas just want to convey that stop hating people, love is the only tool by which we can do everything. Give respect to everyone irrespective of their cast, creed, nationality or anything. After all that's why we are human we have to be human.

So, brothers and sister from where ever you are stop being used and start thinking in a different way, we will do something unique that world peace will be a mandatory thing to survive. Not only internationally but also inside our countries. We have to stop rapes, abuses, corruption, female foeticide and others. We have to be an example for years to come. This is an urge from David Justin Urbas to start apply these things our everyday life. We have to take step to make the world so beautiful that even gods feel jealous.

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