COUNTRY RESEARCH: By Santhosh Karunakaran

Columbia Information

Country Name:Columbia. Columbia is located in the Northwest part of South America

Country Capital:Bogota

Countries Bordering:Venezuela,Ecuador,and Peru


Significance of Columbian Flag

Yellow:Represents gold found on Columbian lands

Blue:Seas of Columbia

Red:Blood spilled for Columbia's independence

Columbian flag


The current population of Columbia is 48,320,000 people.


The government type Columbia has is a Republic.The president of the Columbia is Juan Manuel Santos.


Columbian Peso.One Columbian peso equals 0.00040 US Dollars.
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Cultural Activities and Entertainment

Columbia's favorite sport is soccer.Ano Nuevo,Dia de los Reyos Magos,and Dia de San Jose are famous holidays celebrated in Columbia.

Foods of Columbia

Speciality foods in Columbia are roasted ants,Guinea pigs,Arroz con coco,and Ajiaco.Arroz con coco is basically just rice with spices and coconut.Ajiaco is also just chicken soup added with extra other vegetables and spices.

Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions in Columbia include Gold museum,Monserrate,Musco Botera,Columbian National Museum,Rosario Islands,93 Park,and Aburra Valley.I would like to visit these places if I go to Columbia because the pictures of these places look very interesting and exciting.