The cat massacre

By: Trevor Friesner


The great cat massacre is about 2 apprentices named Nicolas Contat and Léveillé. They lived in poor conditions and where treated poorly by their masters #dealwithit

When and where?

This happened during the late 1730s during the French revolution. this all took place in Saint- Séverin, Paris.


The two apprentices where upset with with the way they where being treated. They Where also kept up all night by the sound of cats. The masters family also had a lot of cats as well. So one of the apprentices went on the roof above the bedroom of their master and made cat meowing noises all night. #ApprenticeRevenge After a couple nights of no sleep the master was for sure the cats where bewitched so he ordered the apprentices to go around killing all their cats. Then he ordered everyone to gather up all the cats they could find. They decided that all the cats should be killed. they had a trial and the cats where found guilty and they where hanged. #WhatTheCrap
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why this topic is important?

''Then master and mistress withdrew, leaving the men delirious with "joy," "disorder," and "laughter. The whole episode out as the most hilarious experience in Jerome's entire career.''- Robert Darnton. This topic is important because it shows how peoples way of thinking back then is a lot different then ours now, because if that cat massacre happened today I don't think people would think it was to funny like they did back in that time.