Rap/ Hip Hop throughout history


Rap originate in the Bronx in New York and was very popular amount African American youth. Block Parties became very popular and they incorporated DJ's who played popular music. A famous DJ was DJ Kool Herc. Rappers in 1970 rapped about how hard life was and everything going on like war and about rappers not liking the government.


Rappers like Grandmaster Flash started to incorporated electro with his tracks to make him different from everyone and it soon became a trend. Rappers also were influenced by rock music. Rappers would also rap about drugs such as cocaine as those drugs started to make a impact in society. Also rappers would also rap about rebellion to the government


Segregation was a big thing in the 1950's and rappers would rap about their struggles about their segregated life as African Americans. Life was hard for them and they had little to do to express them selves, one of the things they had was rap and hip hop music to express their lifes and their struggles.

The 21st Century

At the start of the 21st century is where rap music really evolved and became a bug thing in America and other parts of the world. Rappers would receive awards and record deals for the songs they have produced and it became their life. For some young teens, life was hard for the, they had no money, they lives in bad parts of town and barely any education but rap music is the only thing they have and it can really change their life and it can make it into a career for them and they could be a well known rapper in less than a few months.