The Great Gatsby/ Pursuing A Dream

Humanity By:Chloe Cabrera

What is Humanity?

Humanity means being a human but also the word “humanity” has a positive spin implying our ability to empathize and feel compassion about someone. Sometimes in life we as people forget what being a decent person is like. Being a decent person enjoys helping someone for the sake of being helpful, a decent person also tries to be kind and pleasant to everyone even though it may seem impossible.

How does Gatsby lose sight of being a good person?

Gatsby loses sight of being a good person, when he started engaging in illegal activities in order to live up to the illusion of himself that Daisy believes is true and  when Daisy killed Myrtle in Chapter 8 because of his not caring due to him being so in love with Daisy.

Our World/ Modern World/ Gatsby

Modern World

The Kardashions are very known in or world now in days, they are all so beautiful/handsome. They are very rich and they dont care about how much money they spend or what they spend it on if they want what they see they will get what they see. They also have a tv show called "Keeping up with the Kardashions", the show is basically about there lives and what they do and also spending time with there family but most of all how they Live there life with all the money they have.

Textual Evidence

Gatsby                                                                                                                                             1.His cost for puing the American dream was his life. He engaged in iilegal activity in order to build himself up to fit the lie he told Daisy and in the end he didn&apost not only get his dream but also died for protecting it. (chapter 7)     Nick Carraway 1.His cost was trustworthyness. He sat and watched Tom cheat on Daisy and then took part in helping Gatsby and Daisy mend things back together. (chapter 2)
Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 1