la famine peut nous finir

famine can end us

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how we were created

la famine peut nous finir was formed 1980 and over these passed years we have brought smiles to hungry children and their families . la famine peut nous finir is inspired by the angel herself Abisola Hamza. Abisola was a very hard working women and the famine in Africa broke her heart. This is how famine peut nous finir started. Abisola then spend the rest of her life making sure children all over the world had enough foodand clean clothes to wear.

Join the fight

its not going to cost you a lot just drop food at the food banks you see or donate money to our organization together we can end famine

the reason you should donate

Desertification plays a big part in the reason the people in Africa are hungry. Desertification has started turning everything into desert and then the crops the people plant are dyeing. If desertification is taking over the land the people are losing the only chance of getting food. This is when famine comes farmers cant grow their crops. That's when people start dyeing and the extreme hunger starts. If you donate money and food you can end this hunger and help stop famine

what your money can do

Where to drop the food off

Food Banks

you can drop the food off at any charity place like goodwill the thrift store and etc. . All the food must be canned or store bought.


Since la famine peut nous finir has become a big organization. volunteers are more than welcome to joins us on our trips to Africa. Please call 678-258-789 if you are interested.
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