ASL 301

Navigate Further into the World of ASL with Sara Bianco

Course Description

Continuation of ASL 201, expanding the emphasis on ASL grammar, vocabulary, development and Deaf Culture. Dialogue, short stories, and short conversations, both receptive and expressive, will be exercised throughout the course.


ASL 201

American Sign Language 301

Wednesday, June 15th, 5:30-7:30pm

Indiana School for the Deaf, East 42nd Street, Indianapolis, IN, United States (Raney Hall Building)

Classes run on Wednesday evenings starting until June 15, 2016 until August 24th.


  • 2-hour class per session
  • 10 week course
  • Participants will receive Certificate of Completion upon satisfactorily completing the course
  • $125.00 dollars registration fee
  • Signing Naturally Series workbook required
  • Signing Naturally Series workbook will be used for ASL 101, ASL 201, and ASL 301

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Indiana Association of the Deaf: American Sign Language Program

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