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23 September 2022

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We Completed Our Parent Orientation Sessions in Preparation for the New Academic Year

TAC’s Parent Orientation Meetings which started on Monday, September 12, 2022 with the participation of the parents of the preparatory class, continued during the week.

In the Parent Orientation Meetings, our parents had the opportunity to meet with the teachers who will teach their students, as well as the new Head of School, Mrs. Sunderman, and the administrators. Various details were shared about the general operations of our school and academics in order to prepare our parents for the new academic year.

We are ready for a fun and healthy year full of new experiences.

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Ahmet Ziya Akyıl (TAC’68) Scholarship and Award Recipients

At the panel titled "Sciences in the Future" held on February 18, 2021, a scholarship called “Ahmet Ziya Akyıl (AZA) Education Scholarship” in the memory of late Ahmet Ziya Akyıl, one of the TAC'68 graduates was introduced. The scholarship will be funded his classmates from TAC. One TAC'22 graduate who chooses to study in fundamental sciences program at university will be the recipient of this scholarship for four years. Information about the scholarship fund was shared by Dr. Şeref Etker and Semih Bilgin, TAC 1968 graduates during the event.

Since late Ahmet Ziya Akyıl was a basketball player, the same funds will also support the Ahmet Ziya Akyıl (AZA) Achievement Award in Basketball, to be presented to the member of the school basketball team who will be selected as the most valuable player (MVP) of the season every year.

As a result of the evaluation process, the scholarship and the award found their owners. The TAC students who received the AHMET ZİYA AKYIL (AZA) EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP, which aims to immortalize the name of Ahmet Ziya Akyıl as well as encouraging students to study fundamental sciences, have been announced.

Egemen Altun, one of our TAC'22 graduates, who placed in the top 5000 nationwide in YKS Exam and in the physics program at Bilkent University’s with 50% scholarship, was the first recipient of the AZA Education Scholarship.

TAC is also pleased to share that the "Ahmet Ziya Akyıl (AZA) Basketball Achievement Award", which will support one of the players of the TAC basketball team every season, was presented to Berkan Silindir, a TAC'22 graduate and the captain of the basketball team.

We appreciate the support of the TAC'68 graduates for the scholarship and award fund and congratulate our two TAC'22 graduates.

Fun Snapshots from TAC Students

At TAC, we completed taking the photos for the "Photo Album" for the 2022-2023 Academic Year. Here we would like to share a few of the fun, spontaneous snapshots during the process.

Counseling Services Handbook is updated

Please click on the image below for the updated Counseling Handbook.

YKS Exam Preparations at TAC

Please click on the visual below for the video explaining the YKS preparation activities. (only in Turkish)

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