Yoga Class

This Friday (17th June) 5.30pm, Seminar Room.

A Special 90 minute class

Themed on the Full Moon (which is on Monday 20th June).

£5 for the session.

This is the class Duha and I will be teaching on Sunday 19th in Crouch End at One Yoga London! You're welcome to attend both classes if you don't mind repeating the sequence! Either way, I'll be very happy to see a familiar face or too! Details for this below.

Duha will be coming in on Friday (if there's enough interest) to teach her part of the class and I'll be leading a good part of the opening and closing portions.


Fire Element

The fire element class, part of the 4 week course I'm running, will continue the following week. I'm really looking forward to teaching this martial arts and yoga blend!

Most of you have listed Thursday 30th June as your date of availability - according to the doodle poll.

I'd be grateful if you can let me know if you still like to go with this date or Friday 31st?


One Yoga London

Sunday 19th June

Community Yoga Class


Book online: Click 'Sunday Community Class' on the 19th.

Classes are on donation:

Let me know if you're coming! :)



My website will be ready by the end of the month so keep an eye out for courses

online and in person - note the site:

I'd be grateful to receive your testimonials to put up on there, about my teaching, a specific class, the course in general, anything you'd think would be helpful for someone considering taking a class. Please put down how you'd like to sign your name/place/profession. A pseudonym is fine too!

Thank you,


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