Improving Race Relations

Written by: Sami Mangelo

Slavery Began

Slavery began when the Europeans started the Triangular Trade. Back then the slaves where treated very poorly, they did not have the same rights as whites did. The whites where cruel to the slaves they sold them as if they where property, treated them as if they where trash, and whites beat and whipped the slaves if they miss behaved. These punishments are cruel and uncalled for African Americans should be treated the same as white, they should not be looked at as not human or lesser than white we are equal no matter what we look like. The whites used slaves for things they where to lazy to do they didn't heir them like they did whites they just took them away from their homes and families to work in the field for no pay and got treated like dirt.

Slaves treatment

Slaves barley got fed, had no new clothes or shoes, and did not have decent beds/blankets. Slaves got fed maybe once or twice a day, the meals where not much just some bread and water, imagine working all day in the freezing cold or blistering heat and only getting a glass of dirty water and a piece of bread. The owners did not give the slaves decent clothing they made the wear the same clothes every day. The owners also took away the slaves children.
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Slavery's End

In 1865 slavery ended when the 13th amendment was made.The 13th amendment abolished slavery and involuntary servitude. In Congress, it was passed by the Senate on April 8, 1864, and by the House on January 31, 1865. The 13th amendment was needed it is good that slavery ended because what person would be able to torture another human cause that's what the white where doing to their slaves.
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Slavery Timeline

1776 American revolutionary War begins. During the American Revolution, many Blacks fight for British after being promised freedom.

1780 Between 1780 and 1860, almost as many slaves are brought into the Unites States as had been brought in over the previous 160 years.

1783 Blacks establish settlements in Nova Scotia separately from Whites.

1783 Slavery abolished in Massachusetts

1784 The Christmas Conference of the Methodist Church passes a resolution against slave holding

There is still racism today.

There is still racism against blacks in 2015. In one case a police man shot an unarmed African american teenager. In jobs the African Americans get more watch on them because the bosses think they will steal. In America today they get treated differently in court to most the time if the suspect is black he or she is accused guilty when he or she is not guilty.

Why there is stil tensions of slavery today

There is still slavery tensions today because some people are racist against blacks and thought or think slavery is okay. The people today treat African Americans different because they are either scared of them or don't like them it is terrible that even the USA's judges and police are racist they are supposed to protect all of the people that live in the USA but they treat black different and put them in more danger than they would be if they where white.

My plan to improve race relations

My plan to improve race relations is to start teaching equality to the younger ages so they know and learn that all people should be treated equally. The teachers will need to make it fun so the children will pay attention if the teachers do like fun projects and treat all the kids equally the kids will learn to be nice to people of all races. The teachers every day will take a few minutes to talk about how all people are equal.