Finding my Voice

From the Beginning

  Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved singing. My dad could sing, he’s even sang the National Anthem at Fenway Park before a Boston Red Sox game. So I guess I kind of got it from him, it’s something that just make me happy and means more to me than I could ever try to explain to anyone. The first time I’ve ever sang in front of a decent size of people was at my 4th and 5th grade, then I took up choir in 6th grade and my talent grew, making the top choir in 7th grade.

Sucessful Audition

 I decided to compete in Solo Ensemble, this is where you sing by yourself in front of judges. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more nervous in my life, my heart must have been racing 1000 times per minute.  My body was shaking as I walked in to sing, the judge eyes saring  right at you in the big empty room. You feel as if your life depends on impressing them at that very moment. I walked out not feeling very confident still frightened for my results. The not knowing was killing me, when I saw I’d gotten the top score I freaked out, relief flooding me. I was proud of myself, I had accomplished something I didnt think I ever could.

My Passion

I dont think I could ever explain to someone what singing means to me. Its something that I can everyday almost any time that I love. Singing is something that makes me feel better, I can express myself in ways that are impossible to really do with words. No matter what terrible thing comes my singing is by my side. Something I think singing is honestly the only thing that gets me through the day without completely breaking down.  It’s something that truly makes me happy and I think that shows.


 I work towards become better every day and growing as a singer. I just recentley auditioned for Region Choir and was estatic to find out Id made it. Although, Ill always have room for improvement and will have a goal of becoming better until the day I die.