Nike Nail Polish

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All about the Product!

Have you ever wondered why your regular nail polish chips off and is never long lasting? We have the solution! Nike Nail Polish is durable but adds a pop of color for every individual personality. This is sure to be a great success for sports players who just cant seem to keep that nail polish from chipping. The best part is that it dries in an amazing amount of time. Have you ever been waiting for your nail polish to dry and you smudge it by accident? It dries in under a minute so smudging is a problem of the past with our Nike Nail Polish. This nail polish will be everywhere before you know it! They will be sold at every Nike outlet and many other stores, it's not long until advertisements will be on every billboard!

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This products will be targeted towards the female younger generation who play sports. This product is perfect for them because the nail polish is strong, enduring, and most of all it is dependable! Say you're playing tennis or volleyball, no need to worry because Nike Nail Polish is guaranteed to stay on. The variety of colors is especially a plus because every girl has different preferences!


Nike Nail Polish is selling in stores for $10 per bottle. Each bottle comes buy one get one free for the opening week! And Valentines day is coming up so every red and pink nail polish will be prices at only $2!