Tech Tools Tuesday

Newsletter #6

Our Last Meeting (Tuesday - 12/2/14)


  • To give you lessons and tools that were already created in SMART, show you how they can be used, how to change them to make them your own, and then use them right away in your classroom.

The Smart lessons/tools listed below were shared at the meeting and emailed to all.


We just experienced Black Friday and Cyber-Monday. I declared Tuesday as Tech Tools Tuesday and have some freebies for you! All three are Smart Lessons or Tools that you can use right away in your classrooms! At the TTT meeting, I gave you information on how to change things in these lessons or tools to make them your own.

These freebies were sent out via email to you:

  • Dice
  • Dice Exercises
  • Jeopardy Template
  • Classroom Management
  • Name Generator
  • Name and Group Generator

Smart Board Wiki by Nancy Powell

One of the freebies that I shared with you is the Classroom Management set. Nancy Powell is the creator of this Smart lesson/tool and has a wonderful wiki where she posts a lot of SmartBoard info and help. Here is her wiki site:

No Smart Board or Projector in your Classroom? No worries!!

Did you know that you could use Smart lessons in your classroom without a Smart Board or Smart Projector? Absolutely!

The mice that we ordered have come in and should have been delivered to all who ordered them.

If you'd like me to help you implement a Smart lesson in your classroom, let me know. I'd love to assist you!

Office 365 Corner

We've been using Outlook email and the Outlook calendar for two years, and have started using OneDrive at the beginning of this school year. We've accessed and written in shared documents, and even started converting z-drive files to OneDrive. There is so much more to experience and use in Office 365! This will be the place in our Tech Tools Tuesday newsletter that will share tips, post FAQs for O365, and invite successes and difficulties experienced.
Today's topic #1:

Saving Smart Lessons to your OneDrive

There are a couple of ways to save your favorite Smart lessons for quick access anytime. Flash drives and OneDrive are two of the simplest ways. OneDrive is accessible anywhere you have your laptop, or on any computer as long as you have internet access.

If you choose to save to OneDrive, you may want to consider how you want these files organized. Perhaps creating a folder called Smart Lessons, then creating subfolders for the types of lessons you save (such as Math, Science, etc.) would help in finding your lessons easier. Another consideration - sometimes lessons have strange saved names. You may want to consider renaming them as you are saving.

Next Tech Tools Tuesday Meeting:

Thursday, January 5th - 8:05 - Lab 2

Topics and activities:

  • ​​Destiny login
  • Destiny search
  • Web Path Express
  • OneSearch
  • Digital Resources

If you have possible topic ideas for future meetings, please comment at the bottom of this newsletter or send me an email!

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