Greetings RMS Family,

I look forward to welcoming you all to the 2019 – 2020 school year at Roberson Middle School! As always, our emphasis will be on what matters most… OUR SCHOLARS. Our state-of-the-art building design and new, focused approach of the Collaborative Ownership Model, which features our 4RMS Communities: Performing Arts, STEM-Engineering, Environmental Agriculture, and Law Enforcement, will show everyone that SISD and our RMS staff is committed to providing excellence in achievement for all students. RMS has built a LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE, and this year will be no different!

On August 14th, we will continue reminding all stakeholders of our daily threshold greeting, “We ARE Roberson Razorbacks! Remarkable D N A: Definitely Not Average!”

Please continue reading for more start-of-school information.


Wednesday, Aug. 14th, 8:30am

12430 Veterans Memorial Drive

Houston, TX

We are excited to share that we are officially in our new facility! It is my hope that you all understand the magnitude of the work over the past year and a half that has been involved with designing our amazing! There is so much to offer in our new RMS home. We are making gains, but still have things to do which will require 100% cooperation, problem-solving skills, and a level of innovative thinking from all stakeholders. If anyone is up for the task, WE ARE! I'm so excited. Our building is nothing short of REMARKABLE! I am excited for you all to visit and see. Please note that on the first two days of school, we will have no visitors in our building. We will offer a tour of our building, as well as important school information, during Razorback Camp for all grades.

Please note that students are allowed to enter the building each day at 8:25 AM.

Please note the following invite for Razorback Camp.


Monday, Aug. 12th, 4-6pm

12430 Veterans Memorial Drive

Houston, TX

We welcome all incoming 6th graders to our annual Razorback Camp. Parents of incoming students new to RMS are invited to attend Razorback camp in order to learn more about the school procedures, buy t-shirts, order required P.E. uniforms, learn about our clubs and organizations, complete lunch forms, and receive preliminary schedule information. Please note that only schedules of registered students will be made available. All registration must be complete on-line and any updates must be done in the system. We will not collect any registration documents at the campus. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Tuesday, Aug. 13th, 4-6pm

12430 Veterans Memorial Drive

Houston, TX

Due to the new facility, we offer our 7th and 8th grade families to visit the campus and take a tour and learn more about the facility, school procedures, and preliminary schedule information. Again, please note that only schedules of registered students will be made available. All registration must be completed on-line and any updates must be done in the system. We will not collect any registration documents at the campus. Thank you in advance.



Students are expected to have their supplies based on the standard supply list published throughout the summer. The supply list can be found on our RMS school website! https://www.springisd.org/roberson2


Students must give ALL prescription and non-prescription medication to the school nurse immediately upon arriving at school. Students MUST NOT enter into any class with medication. Likewise, all students are expected to have up-to-date immunization records. Parents please ensure that records are given to our school nurse as soon as possible


RMS follows the standard dress code policy. You can find this information on our website. Our RMS students do not wear a standardized school uniform; however, we do expect all students to maintain school appropriate attire at all times. You may find information regarding dress code at our RMS website. Once school begins, all students will be issued an official school ID with a grade appropriate lanyard to be worn at all times. Also, we strongly enforce that a clear or mesh backpack for all.


Spring ISD transportation serves students who live one mile or more from their zoned campus of attendance as measured by the nearest commonly traveled public roadway. Estimated bus stop times are available through the Infofinder-I tool, but for the first few days of school, it is recommended that students are ready at the bus stop approximately 10 minutes prior to the estimated stop time until regular route schedules are established. You can access your child’s bus stop location/times by visiting the website, https://www.springisd.org/transportation, and clicking the link for Info Finder. You will need to insert your Spring ISD address information.

All students eat breakfast for free! The price for lunch starts at $2.00. In Spring ISD there is no meal charge for students who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. All students have meal accounts and pin numbers that must be entered for every transaction whether paid, reduced or free. Eligibility for free and reduced-price meals is based on federally established income-and household-size guidelines. Each year, parents/guardians are required to completely fill out the Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application. Parents who attend our Razorback camp will be allowed to turn in the meal application in exchange for student schedules. Paper applications will be provided to all parents as they enter the building on Aug 12 & 13, 2019 for our camp. To make online payments for lunch accounts, parents or guardians must first register at SchoolCafe.com using their child’s student identification number. Meals may also be prepaid by depositing cash into your child’s student account at our school cafeteria. However, no checks are accepted.


  • All car riders will enter the side access road from Veteran's Memorial.
  • All parents will enter the car rider line and follow the loop to the front of the building.
  • All cars will be signaled to drive to the very end of the building facing Veterans Memorial.
  • Students will exit cars at the end of the building (Performing Arts/ELAR Academic Community).
  • Parents will follow the car rider line loop to exit the premises.
  • All car riders will be required to make a left turn onto Veterans Memorial to exit.
  • All buses entering the premises using the separate bus lane entry to the bus ramp.
  • All buses will exit the premises and be required to make a left towards Lewis elementary.

  • All incoming traffic from Lewis Elementary that are not visiting RMS will be instructed to exit onto Veterans Memorial.
  • All incoming traffic coming from Veterans Memorial that is not visiting RMS will be instructed to continue towards Lewis Elementary.

The same traffic flow will be executed at dismissal. We will strongly enforce our arrival and dismissal procedures. The safety of our students, staff, and community members is priority at RMS.

Thank You,

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