Persevering Through Life

By: TJ Harvey

What is Perseverance

Many people can define perseverance differently. People say perseverance is fighting back through adversity. My definition is once you miss one shot reloading and making the second shot count.

Losing to Win

The girls in losing to win were effected by the places they lived and their family issues. these effected them by not having a house to stay at or food to eat on a daily base. Girls took drugs and drank alcohol. Girls slept on trampolines and on the streets. Thats when the school took them in a flipped them into mature nice proper women that didn't take drugs or slept on streets.
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The girls form losing to win being happy and safe with there coach at a basketball game.

Lauren Hill

Sadly Lauren was diagnosed with cancer. She did everything she could before she pasted. She made the most out of life and the most out of everything she could. She became a eloquent speaker for young kids that also had cancer. Another thing Lauren Hill did was spend time with family and friends. Lastly she would play basketball and talk to teammates and hang out with them.
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This is Lauren Hill At a basketball game to cheer on her teammates and friends.
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Mr. Potempa being there for his son at baseball.

Mr. Potempa

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Jackie Robinson made to most out of life and always gave his best and fought back.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson triumphed over having not a lot of money and being the first African american to play in the mlbs. Fans and players and coaches always talked bad and said he wouldn’t be able to persevere through the adversity the players and coaches would give him for being “different and colored”. Some of these adversities where pitchers hitting him and fielder would tag him harder and always say mean things about the fact he was black.
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