Aerospace Engineering

"The Design Of The Future." By Mack Cayo Hour 3

About Aerospace Engineering

  • Weapons, Airplanes, and Spacecrafts are designed by Aerospace Engineers
  • Aerospace Engineers Test Metals and Turbines Against High Speed Winds
  • Ideas Could Create The Future
  • Many Aerospace Engineer Ideas Have Changed The Way We Live
  • All Aerospace Engineers Work As A Team
  • The Median Salary Is $105, 380
  • 93% Of Aerospace Engineers Have Found A Job Right After College
  • Many Aerospace Engineers Have Went To Space To Bring/Build New Satellites
  • Build Missiles/Weapons For Jets Or Control The Missile/Weapon With A Remote
  • Aerospace Engineers Are More Likely To Retire Sooner Than The Average Person

The Postive Things About Being An Aerospace Engineer

  • Good Pay
  • Build The Next "Big Thing"
  • Work With/For The Government

Downside Of Being An Aerospace Engineer

  • You Might Have To Move Around To Find Work
  • Stress Can Build Up From Not Finishing A Project
  • The Project Can Become Expensive And Could Get Out Of A Budget

What You Need To Become An Aerospace Engineer

High School

Science Courses

  • Physical Science
  • Biology
  • Applied Biology/ Chemistry
  • Advanced Physics and Chemistry
Math Courses

  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • Probability And Statistics
  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II

College Classes

  • 2 Core Curriculum or breadth requirement courses (This might include foreign languages, humanities, communication courses and physical education)
  • Freshman English (expository writing)
  • Math (calculus, linear algebra)
  • Physics

Sophomore Year

  • Complete Core Curriculum or breadth requirement courses
  • Math (vector calculus, differential equations)
  • Chemistry
  • Introduction to engineering survey course

Junior Year

  • Advanced breadth electives
  • Additional math (numerical methods or advanced analysis)
  • Engineering courses (circuits, mechanics, thermodynamics, principles of design, programming)

Senior Year

  • Same as Junior Year

Colleges That Offer These Courses

  • University Of Madison Wisconsin
  • Carroll University
  • Yale University

The University Of Madison Wisconsin

Location: Madison, Wisconsin


Address: Madison, WI 53706

Pros Of This College

  • Correct Classes To Become A Aerospace Engineer
  • Room and Board+ Books Are Good Price
  • Provides Work Like Library, Clean Up, And Many More

Cons Of This College

  • Sports (Baseball Isn't Provided)
  • 60% Chance To Get In
  • High SAT To Enter

Carroll University

Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin


Address: 53186

Pros Of This College

  • Sports
  • Provides Work Like Library, Health Clinics, Computer Lab, And Many Others
  • Live On Campus

Cons Of This College

  • Expensive To Go To School
  • Far From A City
  • Not As Well Known As Bigger Other Universities

Yale University

Location: New Havan, Connecticut


Address: New Havan, CT 06520

Pros Of This College

  • Close To A Big City
  • Offers Correct Sport
  • Work Like Librarian, And Others

Cons Of This College

  • Very Expensive
  • Hard To Get In
  • Many Protests Are Taking Place At The College

Companies That Offer Jobs For Aerospace Engineers

Airbus SAS

CEO Of Airbus SAS: Fabrice Brégier

Location: Out Of Wisconsin (Alabama)

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