M.C. Escher-Amazing Patterns

Keaton Ferkol

Maurits Cornelius Escher, better known as M.C. Escher, was born on June 17, 1898 in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Even though he was a gifted at drawing, Escher had poor academic grades. After an aborted attempt to be an architect, he decided to study graphic arts at the School for Architecture and Decorative Arts in Haarlem. Even though he created fascinating landscapes, portraits, and geometric designs, he was most known for his tessellations . Since his first visit to Alhambra in Spain in 1922, Escher has been intrigued by mosaics. In 1922, Escher traveled through Italy and Spain for 2 years. In 1924 he married Jetta Umiker, they settled down in Rome where the lived for 11 years, then moved to Switzerland, and then to the Netherlands.


It looks like this is where the Harry Potter staircase came from. This drawing is like magic. Escher again makes the impossible real. There are optical illusions in this picture and different patterns. His exploration of geometry can be seen in Relativity.

Drawing Hands

In this work, M.C. Escher makes a realistic drawing of something that is impossible. This drawing is like magic. Even though this drawing looks real, it is physically impossible. The hands look realistic but what is happening with the hands is imaginative. Drawing Hands show his understanding of the geometric concept of tessellations.

Sky and Water

This is an example of his well known theme of metamorphosis. The birds and fish come to the center of the picture and become more simple in form until they meet. They can be seen with the lines separating the two colors. Escher originally did not want a background in this picture. It has a background that switches, the white turns to fish while the black turns to birds.