ALPs Newsletter

Red Bridge Edition

Welcome Back!

I am so excited to work with the kids in ALPs this year! We started classes at Red Bridge on Monday, August 25th. I will be working with kids at Red Bridge and Boone again this year. Hopefully your child has shared about some of the things we have been doing in ALPs. I have received most of the student information forms back and several boxes of tissues. Thank you so much for your help!

What We've Been Up To...

We started off the year sharing and writing about our summers and ourselves. We also took some time to go over rules for a successful ALPs class, used different parts of speech to create a funny story (similar to a Mad Lib), and wrote and illustrated a Bio-Poem. I am keeping many of these things so that at the beginning of next school year we can compare to what we have done in the past. All of the kids have read or will read the poem linked below as we discuss what it means to be gifted and why we come to ALPs.

What We Will Be Doing...

First grade is finishing up their Bio-Poems and getting ready to work on the illustrations. After that, we will start a unit of study called Water Works where we will work on and design many experiments and determine how they all relate to the concept of change. Second through fifth grade will be taking a problem solving pre-test soon (if they haven't already done this). We will spend time each week working on problem solving. In addition to this, second and third grade will be reading Bunnicula and doing many critical thinking activities tied to this book. Fourth and fifth grade will be working on a presentation for their Bio-Poem. The example they will be given was done in Google Presentations but they will have some input on how they present their poem, as long as it involves technology.