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Cedar Park Middle School - October 14, 2016

Note from Dr. Anderson

Over 1,000 students and staff participated in the Keep Cedar Park Awesome 5K run on October 6 & 7. The event, planned and hosted by the PTC, raised over $40K for the school. Event planners, Torey Muhs and Erin Hire worked tirelessly to garner sponsors, create materials and promote the event on social media.

The funds raised will go to support many school programs: after school activities, Art Lit, community and service projects, student recognition, 6th grade outdoor school, classroom grant projects, seed money for the library refurbishment, 8th grade social, and many others. We are so thankful for all the community and parental support, and we look forward to all the wonderful things we can bring to the students and school.

Congratulation to Mr. Brubaker!

Mr. Brubaker is the staff member who won the drawing for participating in the 5K. He won a $100.00 Gift Certificate to Top Golf and an Adida's backpack.
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Volunteering @ Cedar Park

All volunteers must pass a background check in order to volunteer. Here is the link:

If you are a new volunteer to Cedar Park you might want to send an email to: update_volunteer_locations@beaverton.k12.or.us
to have locations either added/removed or if they would like their profile archived.

Featured Student Writing for October

Love and War/Universe

I’m from blue skies

in the universe.

I’m from a pokemon

that is named pikachu.

I’m from the war of

destruction in the dirt.

I’m from the people

that try to escape.

I’m from the people who

say that is impossible.

I’m from the big family

of eight people,

from five sisters, me,

and my parents.

I’m from the two little

adorable sisters.

I’m from the love of my family.

I’m from a country that

is hard to find on the world map.

I’m from the little country

in a part of big, big Asia.

I’m from a country that is

destroyed by war.

Author: Rabeh El Houjeiri

Cedar Park 6th Grade

Ms. Cooney

Upcoming Dates


25 Fall Choir Concert SHS @ 6:30 pm

28 Mix it Up Day

31 Halloween

No masks or other "garments" that cover the face.

No blood/gore.

No weapons, real or fake.

Hats are allowed if they are specifically part of a costume.

Any face paint must be applied at home prior to arrival at school.

Costumes, even though they are costumes, must otherwise meet dress code.

Remember to follow our PBIS rules and be safe, respectful, responsible and kind.

NEW FOR THIS YEAR... NO clown related costumes or makeup or clown activity.

Safety Procedure

Please be aware that during the school day, all perimeter doors are locked. The only entrance available is the door that come directly into the office. We are sorry for the confusion, but student safety is first and foremost.

Parents who want to join their student for lunch must contact the office 24 hours in advance.