Dr. Wise

I can...

1. Define the term verb

2. Identify a verb out of a sentence

3. Learn the verb tenses: present, past, future

4. Use verb tenses correctly in writing

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Brain Pop Jr. Verbs

Username: rsetn Password: brainpop

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Verb Song from Grammaropolis - "Lights! Camera!! Action Verb!!!"

I can...

1. Read the Where the Wild Things Are

2. Use exciting verbs to tell what the wild things and what Max are doing in the book

Children's book read aloud." WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE "more stories at Storytime Castle channel

Example Sentences:

Max traveled across the world to where the wild things lived.

The wild things accommodated Max's needs.

In the end of the story, Max ceased being the king of the wild things.

Max achieved his dream of being the king of the wild things.

Max adapted to the jungle where the wild things lived.

Challenge Activity

Directions: Using your device or a classroom computer, watch the prezi presentation on verb tenses (below) and complete the activities in the presentation on paper.

Center Activity

Use your device to create a flipagram, powtoon, perzi, leno, or padlet about verb tenses.