Social Groups

Women Make New Goals

Women felt dis-satisfied with suburban life so they tried looking for jobs.

Time Period: WWII

Location: All across the United States

Cause: They replaced men who had gone to war.

Reason: During WWII vast supply of ammunition and goods put many women into work.

Result: Women were payed the same wage as men.

Significance: This was the first time in history that women had to do hard labor and leave home to work shifts.

Importance To Whom: All women across America

Americans Leave for the Suburbs

Millions of middle class white Americans left the cities for the suburbs. Taking with them precious economic resources and isolating themselves from other races and classes.

Time Period: 1950's

Location: All across the United States

Cause: Some working-class and middle-class white families felt pressure from increases in minority populations and overcrowding in cities.

Reason: More privacy and space.

Result: Many Americans successfully moved to the suburbs and happily lived their lives there.

Significance: Cities would be losing more and more people for business.

Importance to Whom: Americans