Pros of GMOs

The Spawn of the Green Revolution

Genetically Modified Organisms: Why we should grow them

  • Health benefits
    • Low calorie yields
    • Longer shelf life
    • Higher nutritional value
    • Practices can and will be spread to LDCs and NICs where people die of vitamin deficiencies
  • Can help farmers
    • GMOs don’t need to be spoiled with tons of herbicides and weed killers
    • Lack of need to till helps prevent soil erosion and promotes efficient plant growth
    • Improvement of harvests
  • Environmental Benefits
    • Less need for the degrading use of insect and plant killers
    • Doesn’t kill as many insects
    • Plants produce less pollen, so that other organisms don’t get the same immunity they have
  • Modification of plants is natural
    • Evolution has been doing the same thing
    • Without this, there wouldn’t exist broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and other plants came as a result of the modification of the mustard seed
    • This just skips the fluff
    • Yogurts bought at stores wouldn’t have such great nutritional value otherwise
  • Will help the Third World
    • Innovation is the only way anything can happen; what had been happening wasn’t working
    • 50 years, it is expected that most of the world would have jumped on the bandwagon, and therefore the global starvation levels would be much less
    • Can help bring agriculture to areas where it was once impossible
  • Each crop is thoroughly tested
    • Reasonable and exaggerated tests for each new product
    • Many trials with varying groups
    • Three US agencies monitor the tests to make sure that they are reasonable
    • Rigorous comparisons are made before anything is implemented