Poetry Project

Dillon Joyner

In The Well

By Andrew Hudgins

My father cinched the rope (A)

a noose around my waist, (B)

and lowered me into (C)

the darkness. I could taste (B)

my fear. It tasted first (D)

of dark, then earth, then rot. (E)

I swung and struck my head (F)

and at that moment got (E)

another then: then blood, (G)

which spiked my mouth with iron (H)

hand over hand, my farther (I)

dropped me from then to then (J)

then water. Then wet fur, (K)

which i hugged to my chest. (L)

I shouted. daddy hauled (M)

the wet rope. I gagged, and pressed (L)

my neighbors missing dog (N)

against me. I held its death (O)

and rose up to my father. (P)

Then light. Then hands. Then breath. (O)


"In the well" has a negative tone because it has words like dark, and blood.

and during the whole poem its sad until the last line.


I think the theme to "In The Well" is to never give up because the dog was dead, when she was in the well with him. Then the last line she gave him CPR and brought him back to life.
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You Will Never See Me Fall

Joyce Alcantara

You may see me struggle (A)
but you won't see me fall. (B)
Regardless if I'm weak or not I'm going to stand tall. (B)
Everyone says life is easy (C)
but truly living it is not. (D)
times get hard, (E)
people struggle (F)
and constantly get put on the spot. (D)
I'm going to wear the biggest smile (G)
even though I want to cry. (H)
I'm going to fight to live (I)
even though I'm destined to die. (H)
and even though it's hard and I may struggle through it all. (B)
you see me struggle. you will NEVER see me fall. (B)

The poem really doesn't have a rhyme scheme so the poem is free verse.


The poem "You Will Never See Me Fall" is inspirational. The poem talks about stuggling, but not falling. If you struggle and dont get it the first time try it again and never quit. Thats what this poem is trying to say.


The theme of this poem is Never quit and never give up. Even if you didn't get it 20 times never give up. Your going to struggle and fall down but get up and try it again Thats what i think this poem theme is.
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