Dangers of Continental Shift

The dangers of continental shift

Continetal Drift

Continental Drift has affected the world in so many different kinds of ways. Its hard to imagine. Continental Drift has affected the evolution of animals, the worlds geographical positions and the world's climates. There are also many horrendous effects of continental drifts, like Earthquakes and Tsunamis. Originally all of the world's surface land was located in one region on the globe, Pangea. Then Pangea split apart in the Triassic Period (245 to 208 million years ago) into a southern landmass,Gondwanaland, and the northern landmass Laurasia. By the end of the Cretaceous period, Continents split again into land masses that look like present day continents.

History of Continental drift

The theory of plate tectonics explain how the earth's crust moves. It was developed in the late 1960's. This theory explains the movement of the Earth's plates (which has since been documented scientifically) and also explains the cause of earthquakes, volcanoes, oceanic trenches, mountain range formation, and other geologic phenomenon. More on this in the Plate Tectonics page.