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Unemployment is an economic phenomenon began to appear significantly with the booming industry , because there was no sense of unemployment in traditional rural communities. The unemployed is all capable and willing to work in it, and looking for him, but to no avail. Through this definition, it is clear that not all of the pupils is not working unemployed, the disabled and the elderly, retired and lost Hope in finding a job and employers are in the interim is indispensable for work are not considered unemployed

The causes of unemployment

Unemployment is at the present time of the most serious crises prevalent among many categories and facing the Arab countries, as a result of the high rates they had reached in recent

  • Unemployment caused by several reasons :

** Economic and political reasons :

  1. The proliferation of reliance on technology and machinery instead of relying on labor in the process of completion and the completion of work.
  2. Transmission of a number of industries in the country, which has a high capital money to poor countries for cheap labor.
  3. A lot of capitalist governments pursue policies become scalable and reduce the spending of money on investment projects in various fields. As a result of these policies decline in the demand for labor.
**Social causes:

  1. High rates of population growth is very large.
  2. Lack of development of the curriculum in all educational institutions.
  3. The increase in taxes caused the creation of unemployment.

Results of unemployment