eat fresh.

The Training Process

Day 1: You will begin by completing all necessary paperwork that is given to you by the manager. After that, you receive your Subway uniform.
Day 2: You will first begin by having the manager insert your information into the store computer so that you can be assigned a password to clock-in and clock-out. After completing that process, you will be taught how to cut all the different vegetables that need to be cut. After completing this process, you will move on to the front of the restaurant where you will be taught how to re-stock the whole line. This is a very important procedure due to the fact that if the line is not restocked correctly, you will constantly be running to the back to get vegetables or meats whenever you run out.
Day 3: You will begin by learning how to make bread. After learning about how to make bread, you learn how to bake cookies.
Day 4: You will first begin by helping customers by making there sandwiches. This will be your first time being on your own without any supervision of a manager. Once you finish in the front, you will be taken to the back where your trainer will show you how to wash dishes with the 3-compartment method (Rinse, soak & sanitize). After that, they teach you how to close the store.
Day 5: First, you'll start off by being tested in the front of the restaurant with customers, and also to see how you fare with the Sub-way process. Once you have passed this task, you will take your final validation which will mainly be what you learned throughout your training. From here, you are done with training and passing or failing the final validation will decide the fate of whether or not you get the job.

Startup Costs, Ongoing Fees and Financing

Total Investment: $116,600 - $263,150
Franchise Fee: $15,000
Ongoing Royalty Fee: 8%
Term of Franchise Agreement: 20 years, renewable
Veteran Incentives: Franchise fee waived if opening on a military/government location; 50% off franchise fee if opening on non-government location but receiving government financing

Financial Requirements

Net Worth: $80,000 - $310,000
Liquid Cash Available: $30,000 - $90,000

Franchise Units

Year U.S. Canadian International

2014 26,617 3,117 12,493

2013 26,240 2,962 10,565

2012 25,370 2,815 9,014

2011 24,722 2,717 8,481


In 1965, 17-year-old Fred DeLuca and family friend Peter Buck opened Pete's Super Submarines in Bridgeport, Connecticut. With a loan from Buck for only $1,000, DeLuca hoped the tiny sandwich shop would earn enough to put him through college. After struggling through the first few years, the founders changed the company's name to Subway and began franchising in 1974. Offering a fresh, healthy alternative to fast-food restaurants, Subway has franchises throughout the United States and in 98 countries, with locations in traditional and nontraditional sites alike.

Total Investment

$116.6K - $263.2K
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Subway's menu includes a wide variety of hot and cold submarine sandwiches made with an assortment of freshly-baked breads including Italian, wheat, Italian herb with cheese. We also offer a delicious range of deli-style sandwiches, salads, wraps, and freshly baked cookies. Stop by and get a made-to-order sandwich for lunch or dinner.
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Annual Pay

The average store in the US does a little shy of $8,000/week. So for easy round numbers lets say the average store does $400k/year. It is relatively easy to pull 20% profit if you keep an eye on the business. I averaged 22.63% for the first quarter this year and I was in my stores an average of 10 hours or less per week so 20% is not that hard. But for the following estimate, lets use 20% average profit.

If you have a store that is merely average you should profit in the ballpark of $80k/yr.

Now lets say you were lucky enough to get a great location and you store does $15k/week (the area I am in has several stores that do this and much more in sales so it is very possible), well you should be making in excess of $150k per year.

Now, one or two stores are not going to make you a multi-millionaire, but you can make a comfortable living without much of a time investment.

Obligations and Restrictions

The franchisee is not obliged to personally supervise the Subway restaurant, but they must attend and complete the training program. The person designated to actively work in the restaurant as the Person in Charge must become certified by completing the Person in Charge program. It is recommended that the franchisee devote a substantial amount of time to the franchised business. The franchisee must operate the restaurant in strict compliance with all required methods, procedures, policies, standards, and specifications of the Subway system in the Operations Manual and in other writings issued by Subway.

Parent Company

Subway's parent company, Doctor's Associates does not have any other franchises other than Subway.

Subway Facts

1. There are more than 38 million Subway sandwich combinations.
2. Subway serves about 7.6 million subs every day, enough to feed every person in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas.
3. Subway has 41,766 locations. That means it has opened and average, more than two restaurants per day since 1965.
4. Subway uses enough cheese in a year to fill 600,00 professional ice hockey rinks.
5. Some of the most unusual Subway locations include a laundromat, car dealership, and church.
6. Subway makes enough sandwiches in a year to wrap around the earth 14 times.
7. The chain uses an average of 16 acres of lettuce per year, or 35 football fields.
8. Subway employs more than 46,000 hens that lay eggs for its cookies around the clock. In a year, those hens lay 14.4 million eggs.
9. Subway plans to have 50,000 restaurants by 2018. To achieve that, Subway will need to open more than 6 restaurants every day.
10. Subway employs about 410,000 people, or the population of Miami, Florida.
11. There are more Subway locations that McDonald's locations worldwide.
12. Subway uses more tuna, tomatoes, and frozen cookie dough than any other company in the food industry.
13. All of the olives Subway uses are hand-picked, not machine-picked.

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