The College I Want to go to

Tidewater Community College (TCC)

Tidewater Community College

I want to go to Tidewater Community College. It is located in Tidewater, near Virginia Beach. There are no real admission requirements to get into TCC, other then this admission test you have to take in order to enroll in TCC. Taking the admission test is $4.00. In order to apply, you must pass the admission test. Tidewater is kind of close to the ocean. I kind of want to work with the Autobody department. You don't necessarilly need a degree when you are in TCC, if you choose to take a vocational class like Autobody, construction or some class like that, You will almost be guarenteed a good career if you work hard enough in school, they might reccommend you to some places that are hiring in positions in which you are trying to master in. You will need to go to TCC as long as you have to in order to get a career, hours of the classes can vary from pretty much any time of the day. The only tuition you will have to pay is the $4.00 to take the admission test. If you manage to get into TCC, you will have financial aid from them. Statistics on job placement is really up to you, if you want to work hard enough to get a career, you will get one, if you don't work hard enough, or don't wish to enter a possible career, you will not get one. I really don't have any quotes by anybody to inspire me to want to go to this college, I just kind of want to on my own. lot's of people who have went to TCC, say that they enjoyed working with the teachers, and had an overall bery good experience. Other campus activities that I might be interested in are things like welding, and construction, of course if the whole autobody thing doesn't work out. You will find everything you need to know about TCC, on this link............