Mrs. Odom's 3rd Grade Newsletter

Quarter 2 Week 1

Announcements and Important Dates

Is it just me or do the weeks seem to be going by faster as the holidays get closer?? Lately it seems there is just not enough time in the day (maybe it is because it is getting darker much earlier now). Next week will fly by even faster I'm sure, but I am looking forward to seeing all of you at conferences!!

Also, as a part of our House meeting this month "Live to Give", we are completing a service project where the kids will be making blankets for the children's hospital. We are asking for a $2 donation from at least 12 parents to purchase the fleece needed to make the blankets. Thank you!!!

October 12-20: Book Fair

October 17-20: Fall Conferences

October 19-20: Early Release

October 20: Quarter 1 Report Cards go home


October 24-28: Red Ribbon Week (See below for daily dress-up themes)

October 28: House Meeting/ Birthday Celebrations

November 1: Pajama Day (Bring in a minimum donation of $1 that will go to United Way)

What we'll be learning

Reading- Comparing and Contrasting fiction and nonfiction books with a common characteristic.

Writing- Continue informational writing

Math- Begin Area and Perimeter

Social Studies- Frederick Douglass and his influence on America

Red Ribbon Week is Coming!

The Theme for 2016 Red Ribbon Week is YOLO (You only live once) Be Drug Free.

The week of October 24th-28th we are celebrating Red Ribbon Week. Schools throughout the United States celebrate this drug free week.

Red Ribbon Week was inspired by the death of a DEA Agent Enrique Camarena who was fighting for a drug free community in 1985. Red Ribbon Activities are organized each year by thousands of schools, government agencies, and social service organizations in the United States. Red Ribbon Week’s celebrations of positive choices and healthy drug free lifestyle touch 80 million young people and adults each year.

2016 Red Ribbon Daily dress-up themes:

Monday, 10/24: Drug free America – wear Red, White & Blue

Tuesday, 10/25: Doing drugs is not smart! – dress up like a genius

Wednesday ,10/26: Drugs are crazy – wear crazy socks

Thursday, 10/27: I’m too cool to do drugs – wear sunglasses

Friday, 10/28: Drugs are old and out of date – dress up like the fifties or sixties

From Nurse Pat

Back to school means time to start looking for those pesky Head Lice!

Parent please do Head Checks if your child has an Itchy Head!

If you do find signs of head lice, please contact nurse Pat.

Any questions, check out the link, or go to the county or school website for information, or call Nurse Pat.

Just a reminder regarding illness and medicine:

Forsyth County Policy regarding fever, vomiting and diarrhea- the students must be free of these symptoms for 24 hours without any medications for these symptoms before they can return to school. Please do not send your child to school if they are sick. This passes germs to everyone.

NO MEDICATION SHOULD BE SENT TO SCHOOL WITH YOUR CHILD. Parents must bring all medications to Nurse Pat- even cough drops and sunscreen. If your child is carrying an epi-pen and/or inhaler to school, there are forms (scroll down to Health Services) that must be signed.

Please put a change of clothes in your child’s book bag, no matter their age. The Clinic is limited with clothes and even young students are selective about what they will wear. Any questions, please contact Nurse Pat at ext. 361011.

Head Lice Reminders:

Forsyth County has a no-nit policy, which means your child must be free of lice and nits before returning to school. Only 2 consecutive calendar days of absence will be excused for a current head lice problem.


Never share combs, brushes, helmets, ipod earphones etc.

Keep long hair up in a braid and coat with hair product.

Do weekly head cheeks. Focus on hot spots- nape of neck, behind ears, part lines.

Recognize symptoms – itchy scalp, small red bumps or sores on neck, scalp. Nits are mostly found on the nape of the neck and behind ears. They do not flake off like dandruff. Nits are the eggs that are glued to the hair.


Use an over the counter product- follow directions.

All family members should have heads checked and treatment should begin if nits or lice are found.

Pulling off nits in good light daily is the most important thing. If any are left, they can hatch and reinfest the head. No lice product will kill 100% of nits.

Retreat in 7-10 days. Continue to check for nits.

Wash all bed linens and pillows in hot water. Place in dryer. Vacuum carpet, cloth furniture etc and throw bag away. Bag up anything that may have had contact with head, and that cannot be washed or dry cleaned, for at least 2 wks.

Additional info can be found at under Quick Links-Parent Toolbox, or feel free to contact the school nurse- Nurse Pat at ext. 361011.